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Always the Right Running Music with jog.fm

I am one of the many persons that like to run on a daily basis. Not only does running help you stay fit, but it also helps with keeping you motivated. There are always new milestones that you can try and the activity on its own is very relaxing. But I find it hard to just browse sites and get music so I can listen to it as I jog around. It seems that some clever developers noticed that I and many other people all over the world have this issue, so they addressed it via jog.fm.

What Jog.fm does is that it helps you get immediate access to some of the best music compilations on the planet. The music you can find here is not only very good, it also manages to help you boost your workouts and it’s just a lot of fun.

What I also like about Jog.fm is the fact that they offer you specific items that pertain to running. From armbands to mats, socks and the like, the site does help you get access to all the items you want and it really is a solid investment.

But it’s not the shop that caught my attention. It’s the fact that Jog.fm has a map section that helps you prepare your running sessions based on length and so on. Having a dedicated plan in this regard does have a lot of value attached to it, plus it’s really interesting to begin with. I like how easy to use the map is and the interface they added is very good too, which is always a major plus.

When it comes to music, they have lots of filters that you can use to find the music and playlist you want. Be it based on genres or the exercise you want to perform, Jog.fm does help you get access to those songs very fast. I am very impressed with the music quality as well, and I appreciate the fact that they even share a link from where you can buy the music and support the artists.

The idea of adding in all your jogging and running related info in a single place, even your favorite music, is a very innovative one. That’s why I think that every runner should check out this website, because Jog.fm is really good at what it does. Plus, the entire experience is very impressive and truly interesting, not to mention that the attention to detail is great as well. I heard about Jog.fm from a friend and now I use it at least a few times per week to check for new playlists and to track my jogging performance. It’s a great site for sure, so I do recommend it to people that want to improve their workouts!

Want to try it out? There’s also an app for iOS on the iTunes Store:

Available on the App Store

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