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Allbirds: Footwear That Promotes Sustainability

Comfortable, simple footwear may seem out of place in a marketplace dominated by flashy shoes with vibrant colors and logos. However, there’s no need for such gimmicks with Allbirds with its minimalist, sustainable shoes.

Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger founded the company in 2014 with the idea of wanting to do things differently. This means creating innovative products while helping with environmental preservation.


What they’re made of

Allbirds footwear is made with merino sheep wool fabric, a raw material that can regulate temperature and reduce foot odor from sweat. This is the bases for their line of breathable and flexible shoes.

Allbirds also produce eucalyptus fiber-made shoes that are ideal for hot weather. The production materials also include sugar and Trino. Unlike most sports footwear, these shoes are light, stable, moisture-repellent, and machine-washable.

Its shape and elegant cut are adaptable to the foot’s flexibility and can be used for casual or formal occasions, according to the Allbirds you choose. There are different styles to choose from that have other features that highlight some of the qualities that we already revealed. Aside from that, these shoes include eco-friendly laces made from recycled polyester.


Sustainable footwear

Allbirds is fully committed to monitoring every part of the manufacturing and supply chain. This is to ensure quality footwear with ZQ certified materials for environmental well-being and social care. Despite their short time on the shoe market, the company has garnered the attention of many well-known personalities, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Barack Obama.

Allbirds is a direct-to-consumer brand as their product can’t found in regular stores. Their shoes can only be obtained through their stores or online. If you want to get your hands on these simple and eco-friendly shoes, they start at a modest price of $95. Allbirds also has you covered if you happen to choose the wrong size. They offer a 30-day trial period in case you need to return or exchange the footwear.

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