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Alasco Raises €7.5 Million In Series A Round of Investments

On June 8, Global Founders Capital and Anyon were both acquired as investors for Alasco. Founded by Anselm Bauer, Benjamin Günther, and Sebastian Schuon, Alasco is a digital firm that offers financial management for company stakeholders.

Rupprecht Rittweger, one of the co-founders of Anyon, expressed his enthusiasm for working together with Alasco and the possibilities that come with it. Rittweger states that “Alasco enables the simple linking of project data to drive business decisions more efficiently and faster – an absolute shortcoming in the construction and real estate industry.”

AlascoIt has been two years since Alasco’s foundation, and the participation of the two companies raised the total investments on Alasco to €7.5 million in the Series A round. The existing investors are rejoining the financing round, which includes HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Picus Capital, and Flixbus.

Investing in digital solutions

The companies’ investment will be utilized in team expansion, in addition to developing and improving the cloud software. This will make it into a central financial platform for every involved individual in real estate projects.

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Alasco supports project controllers and developers through automated workflows and the availability of financial data placed in a central information source. This increases the productivity of the participants. This method also decreases the probability of errors, assures comprehensive transparency, and faster decision-making.

Matthias Müller, a partner at Global Founders Capital, believes that the Alasco team can bring digital solutions to an industry that has yet to explore it. He states that “Alasco is solving a real problem within a market that has proven not to be very digital so far and often still relies on manual controlling processes. Corona, in particular, has shown how important digital solutions are, also for the construction and real estate industry.”

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