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Agrolly: Helping Small Farmers Fight Climate Change

The agricultural sector has always been one of the healthiest and most profitable sectors in the past few decades. But because of climate change, this sadly has changed. Most of the food production comes from small rural farms which are greatly affected by climate change.

The problem is, these small farmers don’t have enough resources to afford higher technology to adapt and face these changes. The inspiration behind Agrolly is to help those farmers who are struggling financially and to provide access to information that would help them come up with educated farming decisions through tech-driven solutions.


Empowering farmers

Agrolly helps farmers know the right crop to be planted in the right place at the right time. It provides real-time weather monitoring so the farmers would know if it’s going to rain or snow. It also provides an hourly, weekly, and year-round forecast of the amount of rainfall and the temperature per city.

With the weather monitoring system, Agrolly also provides an analysis of how the weather would affect the crops and water requirements which is based on the guideline from the Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations. This would help the farmers decide on which crops are best to plant during certain times of the year depending on their location and plan their production accordingly.

The accompanying free Agrolly app is also a huge help to our small farmers. It comes with four different sections: a forum where farmers can exchange ideas or do trades, weather forecast from IBM’s Weather Company, crop management, and connections to agronomists for farmers to ask for their expert advice on. The app is currently available for Android and will soon come to iOS.

Due to its innovations, the company won IBM’s 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge which awarded them $200,000 as well as development support from IBM and Linux Foundation. Apart from that, IBM also recognized Agrolly’s CEO Manoela Morais, Asia Head of Sales and Marketing Chimka Munkhbayar, and Web Developer Lead and CTO of Agrolly-India Helen Tsai as honorees of 2021’s Women Leaders in AI program. These recognitions definitely add value to the company, its purpose, and its goals to help provide a steady and bountiful agriculture production.

YouTube: Agrolly – Progress & New Architecture

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