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Advokatguiden Helps You Find Lawyers in Norway

In a perfect world, everyone would receive equally good legal assistance. However, unless you’ve been working with a legal professional for a long time, there’s no way to know how good they are or whether their experience matches your requirements. Advokatguiden, a LegalTech startup from Norway, aims to address this problem.

Finding a good lawyer in Norway

Founded in March 2020, Advokatguiden was praised as “a TripAdvisor for lawyers” as it seeks to make it possible for lawyers and clients to connect transparently. It lists all lawyers in Norway, allowing clients to rate and leave a review for any lawyer. The web application has a system in place to authenticate the reviews. You can also use the system to find legal assistance and get a free quote according to your needs.

Erling Løken Andersen Founder CEO François Savard Co-founder CTO Advokatguiden Helps You Find Lawyers in Norway
Erling Løken Andersen, Founder and CEO (Right), François Savard, Co-founder and CTO (Left)

In addition to the lawyers’ reviews, the platform also provides information about their practices – fees, location, etc. You can even search for lawyers by location. The company website provides a list of Norwegian cities that can allow you to find a good lawyer near you. You can also see whether lawyers accept new clients, do online consultations, and easily get in touch.

LegalTech and transparency

The company founder Erling Løken Andersen shared that currently “there are far too many unanswered questions in the legal world.” Indeed, this industry is one of the slowest to modernize. However, we’re seeing many wonderful advancements in LegalTech, a lot of which have been accelerated during the last few months, thanks to an increase in remote work.

Advokatguiden’s goal to “democratize the legal industry” and make it more open is in line with that. The genuine reviews help both the people who need legal help and the lawyers who need new clients. Currently, the website has 10k lawyers from Norway on its platform. In 2021, it’s planning to expand to other Northern European countries.

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Source: Navanwita Bora Sachdev (The Tech Panda)

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