Acer Unveils Predator Thronos, Gaming Chair beyond 1337


Imagine snuggling into the most comfortable reclining chair possible and enjoying your favorite video games using one of the best gaming systems in the world. Now imagine all those things are actually all packed into one thing, and you’ll get Acer’s newest product called Predator Thronos.

Predator Thronos – A triple-monitor gaming system with a recliner

In the words of the guys and gals at Acer, “The all-new Predator Thronos reimagines the gaming chair for a new level of gamer.”

This chair with a powerful sounding name probably comes pretty close to what you imagine when you hear about it. It’s a throne fit for anyone who wants to feel like the king or queen of gaming.

Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair Front View

Predator is a name any true gamer or technology connaisseur should know by now. Acer’s Predator gaming laptops, monitors, CPUs, headsets, and mice have become a standard in the industry.

Immerse yourself fully into your game

Imagine coming home from work to sit in a ridiculously comfortable reclining chair which aims to fulfill any gamer need possible. Just put on the Predator headset and let yourself become immersed into another reality with the help of other Predator gadgets that come with the Thronos.

Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair

The Predator Thronos gaming chair itself has an ergonomic design, a footrest, support for three 27-inch gaming monitors and a Predator gaming PC on its overhead brace, as well as a steel structure design that looks out-of-this-world.

Speaking of the design, we shouldn’t forget to mention the color. Predator Thronos comes in mean-looking dual-tone black with white or blue accents.

The entire steel structure is 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) tall, the ergonomic seat reclines up to 140 degrees, and of course, it vibrates in accordance with what’s happening in the game.

Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor Chair
Samsung Gaming alternative with curved monitor concept (Gamescom 2018)

“It puts the gamer in the game through deep impact vibration, where the chair vibrates upon in-game impact”, Acer’s official news release reads. It removes the need for desks, as it supports the monitors by itself.

“Integrated with a Predator PC and triple Predator monitors plus gadgets, the Thronos becomes more than a gaming chair—it’s a gamer’s cave,” the folks at Acer conclude their announcement enthusiastically.

Amazing! How can I get my hands on it?

Interested in buying it? Oh, we are too. Unfortunately, the release date is still unknown at the moment this article was written. We inquired about the chair via the company’s official Facebook page but were told an official release date is not yet available. However, stay tuned to their social media sites, and you just might get yourself the ultimate immersive gaming cockpit that is Predator Thronos.

YouTube: Acer Predator Thronos – Warp Your Reality

Photo credit: The product images are stills from the video and owned by Acer. The alternative product by Samsung has been shot by Christopher Isak.
Source: Acer press release / video as embedded above

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