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Sun Yafang (孙亚芳) is Chairwoman of Huawei and has held this position since 1999 and celebrated great achievements along her career. Starting as a technician for a TV manufacturer she managed to educate herself and continuously grow with her challenges.

Since joining Huawei in 1989 she passed through different positions such as Director of the Training Center, President of the Procurement Dept, General Manager of the Wuhan Office, President of the Marketing & Sales Department, Chair of the Human Resources Committee, Chair of the Business Transformation Executive Steering Committee (BT-ESC), Chair of the Strategy and Customer Standing Committee, and President of Huawei University.

She is a great example that you can make something out of yourself if you keep pushing yourself and we find her to be quite an inspiration.

Quick Biography

  • 1955: Birth
  • 1982: Bachelor at Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology
  • 1982: Technician at Xin Fei TV Manufactory
  • 1983: Teacher at the China Research Institute of Radio Wave Propagation
  • 1985: Engineer at Beijing Research Institution of Communication Technology
  • 1989: Engineer of the Marketing & Sales Department at Huawei
  • 1999: Chairwoman of Huawei
  • 2011: CIA report is revealing work links with the Chinese military
  • 2012: Received the World Telecommunication and Information Society Award
  • 2014: Listed as 81st most powerful woman in the world by Forbes

Photo credit: Huawei

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