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About: Eileen Burbidge

Eileen Burbidge is a well-known technology venture capitalist and angel investor in the UK Tech scene and the Silicon Roundabout. After holding great positions at a variety of top tech organisations she is currently Partner at Passion Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm. You can find her on Twitter with a great feed of tweets.

Quick Biography

  • 1973: Birth (estimated)
  • 1993: Bachelor of Computer Science (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • 1993: Engineering Associate at GTE Telephone Operations
  • 1994: Engineering Associate at Verizon
  • 1995: Market Development Manager for Apple
  • 1996: Group Manager of Market Development at Sun Microsystems
  • 1999: Director of Business Development at Openwave Systems
  • 2000: Director of Business Development at 12 Entrepreneuring
  • 2001: VP of Marketing and Business Development at Embedded Internet Solutions, Inc.
  • 2003: Director of Global Account Management and PMO at PalmSource Inc.
  • 2004: Product Development Director at Skype
  • 2005: Director of Product Management at Yahoo! (Europe)
  • 2006: Investment Director at Ambient Sound Investments
  • 2008: Board Member for Technology and Innovation for National Archives (UK)
  • 2009: Co-founded the startup White Bear Yard, technology and media startup hub
  • 2011: Partner at Passion Capital

Photo credit: Edward Moss

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