7 Network Security Startups to Help Companies against Cyberattacks


Today, technology has grown dramatically. Almost everything can be done digitally. Therefore, many growing startups are going online. The digital globe is handy for a newly established startup to thrive in, but there are risks.

Network security has become a priority these past few years to protect startups against these risks, including hacks, data breaches, and cyberattacks. With the increase in numbers of network security startups, their value increased by $10.7 billion in 2021. Their methodology to overcome existing and coming threats make them superior to others. Here are just the latest network security startups.


Immuta is based in the US to expedite self-service access and secure sensitive data. Its security performance is up to mark. The company’s mission is to create trust across data engineering, security, legal, compliance, and business teams. Their services aim to enable businesses to access the data without any risks and securely at every access point.

Havoc Shield

Havoc Shield markets itself as a handy all-in-one platform for both small and medium businesses. It significantly mitigates the burden on the companies by keeping data secure against data breaches, phishing, and other threats. They provide growing companies an affordable industry-compliant plan as well as guidance and tools to combat cyber threats that may disrupt their businesses.


Ethyca is a supporting platform for developers and product teams based in New York. It helps them in securing data privacy in services and applications. This platform provides matchless support to the developers throughout engineering and privacy security as it allows them to integrate privacy tools into their codebase. It also allows them to discover, delete, edit and see sensitive data using this platform.

The vital mission of Ethyca is to boost trust in trust-driven businesses and to do that it has raised about $7.5 million for development and enhanced functionalities.


DefenseStorm is a digital security platform based in Atlanta that is focused on secure banking free from any cyberattacks and infringements. It provides every workable solution to banks for maintaining the safety and integrity of data. Its Threat Ready Active Compliance (TRAC) is highly famous for its flawless work, and it functions to secure business longevity and ensure ideal management.

This helps banks to grow significantly ahead despite deadly risks. It also allows banks to detect, investigate, report, and manage data. Currently, DefenseStorm has raised $15 million in funding for its complete work.


Confluera is a California-based cybersecurity startup that uses Continuous Attack Graphs to identify and refrain attackers from harming infrastructures. This allows their systems to tackle all coming risks and resolves them early. The fantastic side of this platform is that it tackles attacks by auto-generated recommendations, which is also why it was able to raise approximately $20 million during its series B funding for attack detection.

Cado Security

Cado Security is a startup platform for organizations to help against potential breaches and security mishaps. With analytics and cloud-native forensics. Additionally, this platform provides flawless security professionals to assess security incidents.

It is highly challenging to ascertain the root cause using traditional tools and modes. However, Cado Security uses evolving means and methods to overcome such threats. The platform quickly identifies the root causes and applies quick solutions to resolve them due to competent professionals.


Bitglass was established in 2013 by an industry-veteran team in Silicon Valley as a unique startup for the evolving Total Cloud Security Platform. It combines cloud access security brokerage on-device web gateways to protect endpoints.

Plus, the Polyscale Architecture of Bitglass delivers about 99.99% of customer deployments. It also offers data and threat security on any device against the business community as well as enables IT departments to remain competitive and updated by adapting cloud and BYOD technology.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Nahel Abdul Hadi.
Sources: GlobeNewswire / BusinessWire / BusinessWire

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Maqsood Ahmed Shaikh
Maqsood Ahmed Shaikh
Tech Journalist
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