6 Streaming Platforms for Games in 2022


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The world of gaming is entirely different due to the onset of game streaming services. Even until a few years ago, you had to invest in a computer, gaming console, or powerful handheld device if you wanted to play the best games. Whether you are a fan of table games online or you love playing first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike, you may be wondering if streaming games is worthwhile.

Games streaming services allow you to play games that are hosted on cloud servers, ensuring you can play any game on your mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Below are six of the most interesting game streaming platforms for 2022, not in a particular order.

1. Amazon Luna

A service that is still in early access, Amazon Luna is already one of the most impressive game streaming services. You can stream games using several channels, with a decent selection for a modest $6 per month fee. There is also the option of adding a $15 a month subscription for the Ubisoft channel, which delivers access to a lot more games.

Amazon recommends using their Luna controller, which is available from their store, for the best experience. The controller uses its own Wi-Fi connection, which ensures much better performance, especially if you have less than perfect internet. The downside to this service is that you cannot bring your own games and must play the ones available through the subscription service(s).

2. Nvidia GeForce Now

Anyone who has a large selection of games on Steam on their computer but no longer has a powerful PC would love GeForce Now from Nvidia. The service is geared towards PC gamers who have a solid library or want to buy individual games on stream. There are very few titles that you can stream for free on GeForce Now, such as Fortnite, which is why you need a good games collection.

Then you can enjoy your favorite games at high settings, even if you are playing on an older laptop or tablet or even your smartphone. GeForce Now is available for free with a time limitation for how often you can play, or you can pay close to $10 per month for full access.

3. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft’s gaming unit Xbox has certainly put its mark on gaming history with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and not only offering a games-on-demand service with a changing selection of games that subscribers could play, but further by introducing cloud gaming and game streaming to other devices, including phones, and even computer browsers.

6 Streaming Platforms for Games in 2022 - Xbox Controller in Front of Screen
Image: Dimitris Chapsoulas / Unsplash

The ultimate version of Game Pass also includes all the features of Microsoft’s legacy service Xbox Gold and lets gamers partake in multiplayer matches if they choose to do so. Since the Xbox controllers also work via Bluetooth for tablets, smartphones, and PC, you simply feel as if you’re sitting on your Xbox.

4. Sony PlayStation Now

Sony is now in on the act when it comes to having a game streaming service. The PlayStation Now service is available for $10 per month or $5 per month if you pay for an entire year in advance. When you spend that sum, you can access a library of hundreds of top PlayStation games.

While there are some notable games missing, you can get access to some classics and modern titles that you would thoroughly enjoy. If you have a PlayStation and want to play your own games remotely, or you have a PlayStation account with games loaded, then you can access those titles through the game streaming service as well.

5. Google Stadia

While Google was one of the first to go all-in on games streaming, the company has not made as much progress with its service as fans may have expected. The service is still very limited, as you can play some free games if you pay $10 per month for a membership. If you are not willing to pay the fee, you can buy individual games, but only within the Stadia store.

The problem is that its list is limited, while some games do not get updates through Stadia as quickly as they do when you buy them from Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation stores. It has a library of over 100 titles that you can play. If you do buy games within Stadia, you cannot move them to another service and can only access them in this service.

6. Shadow.Tech

If you are willing to pay a fee of roughly $30 per month, then you can get access to a powerful computer virtually. The advantage of such a service is that you can play as much as you want and access any game that would be available on computers. The Shadow.Tech service is similar to Nvidia GeForce Now.

If you are a PC gamer at heart and love most games that are available on Steam, then you may want to try each service for a month to see where you get the best performance. Since you can access your Steam library on either, you would only have to pay a single month’s membership for each service to make the comparison.

The future is here

Even though games streaming services are still a work in progress, the future is very much here with respect to this technology. Now you can access AAA titles that require a powerful console or computer from your smartphone, even if it is a budget or mid-range phone, as long as your Internet connection is decent enough.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Ella Don. The photo showing an Xbox controller was taken by Dimitris Chapsoulas.

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