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5 Tips for Dealing with Too Many Meetings [Video]

Busy with too many meetings? If not before COVID-19, then certainly during the pandemic, many workers’ calendar and time management has been disrupted, to say the least. Instead of going over to the next office to talk about something quickly, you now have to check someone’s calendar and your own and find a slot that works for you both before a problem is tackled.

Meeting tips with Cindy Solomon

Could this be changed anyhow? What are some good ways of managing productive meetings? You can watch the TED Talk by leadership expert Cindy Solomon about her tips for dealing with too many meetings and a chaotic calendar in the video featured below. I’m sure there is at least one good workday hack you can take away from this presentation. Enjoy!

YouTube: 5 tips for dealing with meeting overload | The Way We Work, a TED series

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