5 Tips to Boost Your Mobile Phone Signal


Mobile phones are something that we probably cannot afford to live without today. These gadgets are not only important to us for making and receiving calls, but they offer a huge number of other features as well.

Texting, browsing the internet, chatting with friends, listening to music and even watching videos, a mobile phone will offer you almost anything that can let you stay engaged all through the day. It therefore becomes an irritating problem when your mobile phone misses the right signal strength.

Here are 5 mobile phone signal boosters tips to help you improve the strength of your mobile network’s signal to show you uninterrupted mobile usage.

Check your location

One of the most common reasons why mobile phones tend to lose a good signal is your location. I travel a lot and often see my mobile phone’s signal dying over and over again. Though the signal comes back after a while, it definitely proves to be an irritating business.

However, there is very little you can do if you are travelling through some place that is out of your carrier’s service coverage area. The only thing that can be done is wait till you are back into the coverage area and then make calls or use your mobile phone again.

When you are using an old phone

Some of us use older phones that come with antennas. My last phone required me to extend an antenna to let me make the full use of my carrier’s signal. In fact, I was not even aware that the antenna existed till I went to the store to complain about signal issues.

If your phone comes with such an antenna, make sure you extend it fully whenever you face issues with the signal. This often helps in getting rid of the problem quite easily.

Is your phone battery all good?

If you thought that your phone’s battery has nothing to do with the quality of signal it is receiving, let me tell you that there is more to it.

If your phone’s battery is almost discharged, your mobile phone may experience issues with the signal. If you feel that battery needs replacement, get a new one. This will probably solve your mobile phone signal issues.

An additional antenna

Sometimes all the above factors fail to show you the correct results with your mobile phone’s signal strength. In such cases, you may need to consider getting an external antenna for your mobile phone.

Such an antenna can generally be mounted outside your apartment or house. All you need to make sure is that you have the correct adapter that lets you connect your mobile phone to the external antenna.

Amplifiers or mobile phone signal boosters

You can even opt for amplifiers or mobile phone signal boosters to help you improve the signal strength. These are attached to your mobile phone and need to be connected to a power outlet.

Try to go for only the quality mobile phone signal boosters from reliable stores like Cellphonebooster.co.uk for the best results.

About the Author

Yuri is an electronics and telecommunication expert and a part time blogger. Here he shares 5 mobile phone signal booster tips to solve problems with weak signals.

Photo credit: Mick Stanic

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