5 Must-Have Apps for Visiting Tokyo


Welcome to Tokyo! This is a city so weird and crazy, it will provide you with unlimited entertainment and thrills. However, in order to navigate through complex city scape of Tokyo, you can use a little help from technology. Here is the list of apps and services, that would help you throughout your trip and make you trip even more enjoyable.

1. Accommodation – Airbnb

I cannot stress the benefit of checking out Airbnb enough. Most of the rooms are located in the center of Tokyo and are so much more affordable compared to hotel rooms of the same area. Make sure the room you book will have free Wi-Fi Internet access with unlimited data usage. For an artsy person like me, who prefers a calm place which is also close to cultural hotspots, I recommend the areas Hiroo, Ebisu and Daikanyama.

2. Food – Tabelog

Tabelog is a Japanese version of TripAdvisor dedicated to food. If you’re a foodie, you can search for places to eat nearby, and the scores for the restaurants are usually quite accurate. You can also make a booking through their website. Tell the staff of the restaurant you want to make “yoyaku” (a reservation), the number of people in your group, your name and your phone number. It is quite likely that staff cannot speak English, but you can try.

3. Picture – Snow

When you are in Japan, you have to try this particular solution. Snow is an app that can transform your face into almost anything from a cute cat to a sassy grandma. This app is really popular among Japanese high school students. It is an essential part of your authentic Japan experience to take a selfie with snow and post it in your Instagram feed.

4. Logistics – NaviTime

Navigating through city of Tokyo can be very difficult. NaviTime will tell you which train to take, at what time to get anywhere quickly. This can be very convenient to have in the worlds largest metropolitan area, especially if you are not used to taking trains to get around.

5. Meeting Locals – Tinder

This is a really tricky one, but many Japanese girls and boys download Tinder to meet foreigners to practice English. If you speak to them in English, they will be more than happy to show you the best part of Tokyo. If you want to avoid Tinder, try an English café where you can talk to locals in English. Some cafes may even pay you money.

This services will totally help to make your experience in Tokyo unforgettable. Have a great time! 🙂

Photo credit: Moritz Klassen

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Moe Haze
Moe Hazehttp://moelouise67.tumblr.com/
I am currently working as an intern for a global advertising agency. I am mainly interested in writing about the application of latest technology in the cultural scene of Tokyo.
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