5 of the Most Popular TechAcute Articles in 2015


The year 2015 is officially over now and it was great. We are thinking back on uncountable awesome encounters with new friends and great conversations with everyone of you. I’m sure the year 2016 will be just as awesome or even better perhaps? That’s up to you and me to make it better as good as we can. The second birthday of TechAcute is also in only a few weeks time. A lot to come in 2016!

We wanted to showcase the best articles of all 2015 for you here in this article, but that task was more challenging than previously anticipated. We had a lot of really nice articles that were published on TechAcute in this past year. How do you identify 5 particular best ones? Now we came up with a little bit of math that helped us. The articles we choose were showing up on top of the list when considering the overall views (respecting the articles age), their social media sharing reach, and how often they were linked by other web pages.

We hope thoroughly that you’d agree with our selection and in case you have not yet encountered one or more of these, enjoy discovering them for the first time.

Digitalization and the Critique of Critics

Don’t look down to mobile tech users because you think they disconnected from their world – they are just connected to a bigger world.

Complete Guide to the 5 Types of Twitter Retweets

Ever got confused with Twitter and how to properly retweet? This article explains a lot!

How Anybody Can Advance Their Career with Social Media

A mix of theory and story-telling on how anyone can leverage social media for their advantage without paying a dime.

3 Reasons Why You’re Not a Disruptor

2015 has been the year of disruption, so of course we got this covered. Very interesting insight into innovative thinking and acting.

The History of the Hashtag

The hashtag has become a pop culture object in media and language, but where does it come from?

Do you have any other picks? What articles on TechAcute were special to you? Let us know of your favorite or even your top 5 if you like. What would you like to see more or less in 2016? We’d love to hear your opinion.

Thanks for making 2015 an awesome year!

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