3 Easy Techniques to Increase your Creativity


Creativity seems like a simple word but its insinuations are rather complex! Creativity refers to the ability to create or bring something into existence from nothing! If this sounds familiar, then, undoubtedly you are a creative person and you are blessed! It has been scientifically proven that among other things that bring about happiness, creativity is one of the fundamental happiness generators! The action of creating something new fills one up with an innate feeling of fulfillment and pride. It increases self confidence and enhances one’s feeling of self worth!

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Is it really possible to be creative on a continual basis? That is a question that bothers most creative people! In reality, not just artists, writers, sculptors, poets and filmmakers; but scientists, therapists, doctors, engineers, architects, school teachers, entrepreneurs; and the heads and employees of companies also-require creativity to realize their optimum potential! It is only natural then, that when ideas stop flowing and the mind seems to have gone into sleep mode-we feel like we have lost all our creativity!

When faced with creativity blocks however, the last thing to do is panic! Relaxing is a better idea, advise expert creativity trainers. Additionally, you can also use the three really easy, tried and tested methods listed below to unblock your creative channels, increase your creativity and improve your work output!

Technique#1: Ask the Question-“Why?” More Often

Why?If you are currently looking for new ways to solve old problems, the magic word you should be pondering over is –Why? “Why are things the way they are and what can you do to change them?” While we often hear the saying-‘curiosity killed the cat;’ the fact of the matter is that -being a little curious in life, never really harmed anyone! The importance of curiosity as being essential for creativity is best expressed in the words of Leo Burnett. “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people,” Burnett states.

If you have ever interacted with questions children serve up, you know by now; that as soon as you answer their first question, your answer itself, has become the basis for their next round of questions! Irrespective of how irritating that may seem to you, doing the same with your work, can help increase your creativity! As Pablo Picasso observed, ages back: “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” This is a vital trait we need to pick up from children. We need to keep asking questions! When you ask questions, you clarify assumptions better; are able to get rid of misconceptions sooner; gain knowledge that’s new and can constantly keep updating it by asking newer questions.

Technique#2: Mix Things Up and Create Something Original

Mixed Media Painting (Detail) by Choichun Leung / Dumbo Arts CenIf you are keen on improving your creativity, there is a second technique that is worth trying out! You can follow the same approach that an artist uses, when he/she blends two ordinary colors to create a unique one! Mix things up, to get new creative ideas in your area of specialization. Whether you choose to amalgamate two techniques, two spheres of expertise or simply two concepts-using the synthesis approach, always works in enhancing your creativity!

It is not surprising to notice, how fashion trends that ruled in the past make a comeback, after a decade or two! Likewise, whether it is music, art, novels, movies, jewellery designs, home interiors or even recipes; a lot of these draw inspiration from the days gone by! The reason they become original again, is because new ideas, approaches, techniques and concepts have been added to them! Ideas and techniques, that are in keeping with the time, day and age; and which result in creating an entirely new product, that is far superior to what it was inspired from!

Technique #3: Take a Chance and Attempt to Do Something New

Purple-Sherbet-Photography-Child-Boy-Holding-Pens-Drawing-Kids-Creativity-Young-PosingThe third technique that can take your creativity many notches higher, is best explained in the words of Scott Adams. “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep,” he stated. Indeed, many discoveries in the world of science, medicine and innovation; are proof of the fact- that mistakes have actually resulted in some of the biggest and most startling inventions in time. For you to chance upon such luck, it is essential to put this third technique to practice! Even if you feel that doing the same thing in a different way, will not yield the desired results, do it anyways! Take a chance; experiment more often; and be open to doing old things the new way! As we all know-‘fortune favors the brave!’ You never know, just when she may choose to smile on you!

About the Author

This article was written by the Hannah. C. Jacob, a writer and artist, who views creativity as the key ingredient for success in every sphere.

Photo credit: Daniela Vladimirova, Purple Sherbet Photography, See-ming Lee 李思明 SMLBart Everson

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