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22 NeuroTech Companies That Want to Hack Your Brain

Neuroscience is an important aspect of medical advancement but it doesn’t have to stop at the theory. The results of scientific research will ideally lead to an technological application. In this case that would be done by NeuroTech companies, in the larger area of HealthTech orgs.

Here is a list of 22 such NeuroTech companies that work in a more than interesting field. Some of these want to help people who are suffering from diseases or other chronic pains, others seek to give you a better sleep or even help you lose weight. This is a hot space right now and you should keep an eye on these companies in the future.


Headquarter: San Francisco, US

Founding year: 2016


Founded by:

  • Ben Rapoport
  • Dongjin Seo
  • Elon Musk
  • Max Hodak
  • Paul Merolla
  • Philip Sabes
  • Tim Gardner
  • Tim Hanson
  • Vanessa Tolosa

Funding amount: $26,960,000

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SPR Therapeutics

SPR Therapeutics Logo

Headquarter: Cleveland, US

Founding year: 2010

Founded by: Maria E. Bennett

Funding amount: $44,007,110

Mindstrong Health

MIndstrong Health Logo

Headquarter: Palo Alto, US

Founding year: 2014

Founded by:

  • Richard Klausner
  • Paul Dagum
  • Thomas Insel

Funding amount: $14,000,000

Neuros Medical LogoNeuros Medical

Headquarter: Willoughby, US

Founding year: 2008

Founded by: Jon J. Snyder

Funding amount: $38,785,029

Neuronetics (NeuroStar)

neurostar neuronetics logo

Headquarter: Malvern, US

Founding year: 2003

Founded by:

  • Norman Weldon
  • Charles E. Larsen

Funding amount: $176,300,000


ElectroCore Logo

Headquarter: Morris Plains, US

Founding year: 2005

Founded by:

  • JP Errico
  • Thomas J. Errico
  • Charles Theofilos
  • Peter Staats

Funding amount: $88,000,000

Muse Logo InteraXonInteraXon (Muse)

Headquarter: Toronto, Canada

Founding year: 2007

Founded by:

  • Trevor Coleman
  • Chris Aimone
  • Ariel Garten

Funding amount: $17,200,000

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BrainCheck Logo ColorBrainCheck

Headquarter: Houston, US

Founding year: 2015

Founded by: David Eagleman

Funding amount: $4,494,692


BioDirection Logo

Headquarter: Tucson, US

Founding year: 2010

Founded by: Brian McGlynn

Funding amount: $11,637,500

Rythm (Dreem)

Rythm Dreem Logo

Headquarter: San Francisco, US

Founding year: 2014

Founded by:

  • Quentin Soulet de Brugiere
  • Hugo Mercier

Funding amount: $22,000,000

RightEye LogoRightEye

Headquarter: Bethesda, US

Founding year:2012

Founded by:

  • Adam Gross
  • Melissa Hunfalvay

Funding amount: $10,405,000

Aleva Neurotherapeutics LogoAleva Neurotherapeutics

Headquarter: Lausanne, Switzerland

Founding year: 2008

Founded by:

  • André Mercanzini
  • Jean-Pierre Rosat
  • Claudio Pollo
  • Philipe Renaud
  • Paul Pyzowski

Funding amount: $57,023,570


brainco-logo-greyHeadquarter: Somerville, US

Founding year: 2015

Founded by: Bicheng Han

Funding amount: $5,900,000

Paradromics LogoParadromics

Headquarter: San Jose, US

Founding year: 2015

Founded by: Matt Angle

Funding amount: $20,500,000


Synchron NeuroTech Logo

Headquarter: Campbell, US

Founding year: 2016

Founded by:

  • Thomas Oxley
  • Nicholas Opie

Funding amount: $10,000,000

Neurable Logo


Headquarter: Cambridge, US

Founding year: 2015

Founded by: Ramses Alcaide

Funding amount: $2,000,000



Headquarter: Boston, US

Founding year: 2015

Founded by: Alexandra Zimmerman

Funding amount: $100,000

Sense Diagnostics

Headquarter: Cincinnati, US

Sense Diagnostics Logo

Founding year: 2014

Founded by:

  • Opeolu Adeoye
  • Joseph Clark
  • Matthew Flaherty
  • George Shaw
  • Dan Kincaid

Funding amount: $1,300,000


MindMaze Logo

Headquarter: Lausanne, Switzerland

Founding year: 2012

Founded by: Tej Tadi

Funding amount: $108,500,000

Modius Logo


Headquarter: San Diego, US

Founding year: 2013

Founded by:

  • Jason McKeown
  • Paul McGeoch

Funding amount: $1,213,633



Headquarter: Lucerne, Switzerland

Founding year: 2016

Founded by:

  • Fabian Wahle
  • Adrian Locher
  • Ioannis Tarnanas

Funding amount: Undisclosed

neuroqore logoNeuroQore

Headquarter: Ottawa, Canada

Founding year: 2011

Founded by:

  • Mehran Talebinejad
  • Adrian Chan

Funding amount: Undisclosed

Photo credit: BrainCheck / Respective companies
Source: Crunchbase / Respective websites

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