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20 Popular Websites and How They Used to Look

Today we’d like to invite you on a time travel through the internet ages and show you how some of the most popular websites we know today looked like when they started.

We have been capturing the pages appearance without being logged in to have a feeling how inviting the designed the user experience visually. However some of the visual elements of the old versions were lost and few graphics are not show. Even though that is the case, we still think you can get a good idea on how the page was navigated.

This might be shocking to some of the digital natives but this is just how web pages looked like in the 90s. If you want to get a larger version of the image just click on them for a full screen presentation with more information about the site. So put your time travel gear on and enjoy the ride.

20 – Alibaba (2000 and 2014)

19 – Apple (1996 and 2014)

18 – Tumblr ( 2007 and 2014)

17 – reddit (2005 and 2014)

16 – Pinterest (2010 and 2014)

15 – WordPress (2005 and 2014)

14 – Ask (1998 and 2014)

13 – eBay (1999 and 2014)

12 – Vk (2009 and 2014)

11 – LinkedIn (2003 and 2014)

10 – Live / Bing (2005 and 2014)

9 – QQ (2003 and 2014)

8 – Taobao (2003 and 2014)

7 – Twitter (2006 and 2014)

6 – Amazon (1998 and 2014)

5 – Wikipedia (2001 and 2014)

4 – Yahoo (1996 and 2014)

3 – YouTube (2005 and 2014)

2 – Facebook (2004 and 2014)

1 – Google (1998 and 2014)

Bonus – Mashable (2005 and 2014)

Bonus – Microsoft (1996 and 2014)

Bonus – AOL (1996 and 2014)

Thanks for checking out our little time travel through the internet and we hope you enjoyed the trip. It’s amazing what happened in the internet in only a brief time and we are looking forward to the next years on the internet. Maybe the next time we can already have a comparison on the TechAcute.com of the past and future.

Thanks to Alexa of Amazon for tracking awesome websites and to the Internet Archive for allowing us the cyber time travel in first place.

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver

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  1. Oh very cool! How about pages like Mashable? Very interesting!
    Most pages big right now started about 10 years ago … so all you start ups beter hang in there! Theres a bit of bumby road ahead before you become famous.

  2. Well, the joke’s on you then. That 1998 Amazon page is from 2005. Web Archive redirects if you try to visit any iteration of the site before 2000. The phones should be a dead giveaway. If you want to see what it looked like in 1999, google “Amazon april fools.”


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