10 Health IT Experts to Follow on Twitter


Technology is helping us greatly in our daily lives. It is debatable whether or not we need technology or not.

However, when we deal with Health IT, technology can actually improve someone’s life or prevent disease and death,using the right information and the right devices.

You’re interested in Health IT, but don’t know where to get proper updates from?

Health IT is a really interesting subject and gains solid traction across social media channels. On Twitter, you find a lot of stray content and some more or less legit accounts, which syndicate content around the subject. However if you want the full brief and stay up-to-date on the topic, you should definitely consider these great Twitter power users and champions, which I have identified and listed for you below in no particular order.

Wen Dombrowski

Twitter Bio: Physician… † ♫ (Views/RT=food for thought, ≠endorse)

Bill Bunting

Twitter Bio: Proud & black sheep. Advocate for improving w/ .

Linda Stotsky

Twitter Bio: Geek | Clinical PM, Passionate About Creating Systems that Work 4 End Users & PTs. | SMA |,

Colin Hung

Twitter Bio: True believer in & patient empowerment. By day, Marketing @StericycleComms @PatientPrompt. By night, co-founder & moderator.

Janice McCallum

Twitter Bio: Consultant. Specialize in sources & uses of , , &. Independent board member. SoMe ambassador.

Glenn Lanteigne

Twitter Bio: EXECUTIVE Driving Transformation & Innovation Private-Public Sector in Canada, USA & UK, Ex-Military, @COACH_HI @HIMSS @tectoniconline

Geeta Nayyar

Twitter Bio: Tweeting from a doctors’ POV on  & More. Feminista, Mom & Indian American.

Pat Rich

Twitter Bio: Canadian social media health care commentator and observer. Medical writer and editor. Views are my own.

Brian Ahier

Twitter Bio: Passionate about healthcare, technology and government 2.0. Passionate about healthcare, technology and government 2.0. Passionate about healthcare, technology and government 2.0. 

Steve Sisko

Twitter Bio: Healthcare IT Service Manager | Transparency, Consumerism, Medicare, Risk Adjustment, Quality Measurement, Product Mgmt | See @HITConfGuy also |

So what are you waiting for? Go get them all. If you are interested in my rambling you can of course also follow myself on Twitter. Just say ‘hi’ and connect. 🙂

Did I miss your favorite Twitter user who focuses on Health IT? Just drop your thoughts below in the comments section. Many thanks!

Photo credit: Skeeze / Respective Owners on Twitter

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