Ada App Is Your New Chatbot Doctor AI

Not sure what’s wrong with you but you’re definitely feeling ill? If you don’t want to go to a doctor just

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Could YouTube Beat Spotify, Netflix, Amazon and the Rest?

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2005, they wanted it to be the synonym for online video. As of today, the

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Building a Smart Home? Here Are Some Starter Options!

Not only the cities are getting smarter. Since we are in the era of innovations and great advancements, not only

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Amazon Introduces New “Echo Show” Unit with Video Capabilities

Seattle, US, May 10 — The rumored new Amazon Echo device with a screen is real. It’s called Echo Show and they

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Style Consultant AI: Benefits and Risks of Using Echo Look

Most gadgets are firmly aimed at the male market. Sure phones come in rose gold and a few other feminine

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Latest from the CES: Amazon Alexa AI in All Kinds of IoT Tech and Robots

Now that CES is over and the tech companies are scuttling back to their laboratories, a few of the trends

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Artificial assistance systems are on the rise. Whether you call them Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or something else, these solutions are

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