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Xbox One S: New Console Fresh from the E3 2016

MICROSOFT CORP. LOGOWith E3 in full effect right now, both Sony and Microsoft are trying to bring better, higher quality gaming to the home users. The interesting thing about these consoles is that they are offering you new models that can be purchased this year or in 2017.

Microsoft has actually announced not one but two models, one that’s slimmer and one that is more powerful. To get it out of the way, Project Scorpio, which is the name for the larger model is not only set to deliver full 4K gaming and high end VR, it will also feature an even better graphics setup and even more RAM.

The issue here is that aside from that info and the fast that it will come in 2017, there is no specific information about it. I agree, sharing info about consoles and stating that they will come soon is great for marketing but honestly it also makes me angry. How can I get hyped for something I don’t even know how it looks like?

Xbox One S is another beast though! This is a console that will be exactly the same as Xbox One when it comes to specs, but it will be smaller. Yes, actually it will be 40% smaller all while coming with a great, white look and plenty of interesting possibilities. It’s interesting to see that they are also adding in an upgraded version of the previous controller which not only does a good job as a whole, it also delivers some interesting specs for not that much of a price to be honest.

Microsoft Xbox One S Smaller 40 Percent

The console doesn’t come with Kinect, in fact if you want to use a Kinect you will need to use an adaptor which is quite peculiar to be honest. The wireless appeal works really well for the Xbox One S and I feel that it’s what the console needed.

The upgrade is not that impressive but considering that all of this comes with a price of around $299 – $349, you are definitely going to enjoy the interesting options provided with the Xbox One S. Plus, many people were on the fence when it comes to purchase an Xbox One so the new S model might actually make them jump ship. As per Amazon pre-order information, the Xbox One S will be released on 30-December this year and a 2TB version to hit the shelf in August 2017.

Microsoft Xbox One S Controller

Its design is great and the controller upgrades are more than welcome. Of course, gamers that want the latest and best model might need to wait until 2017 for Scorpio but people that wanted a cheaper console can see this as a sound investment. Not owning a personal console now, I am very inclined to give Xbox One S a shot especially with that price, so Microsoft did the right thing to allow us the chance of getting a discounted, smaller and beautiful Xbox One!

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Source: Microsoft / Mark Walton (Ars Technica)

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