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WHOIS Lookup Tools to Find the Info of a Website

Before selecting a website, it is extremely important to check its information, history and background. Although, it is not possible for every individual to look for a website and search about its information everywhere on the web, there are ways that can simplify the procedure and make the process extremely easy. In this article, we have mentioned a few WHOIS lookup tools that may help you find the information of a website.

DNSstuff ToolBox

This toolbox performs forensic analysis of email servers and names to ensure that the domain is authentic. It also helps you keep an eye on blacklist information and lets you monitor web, email and name server compliance. With the help of this tool, you can dramatically increase the overall efficiency, quality and accuracy of quality of searches, analysis and lookups. It also performs forensic analysis on numerous domain and e-mail concerns and provides and all in one comprehensive report, which will help you take correct decisions.


This tool helps you search the database, lookup for domain information and IP address and also check numerous other statistics. It helps simplify the process by organizing domains across numerous registrars that provides quick reference and considered to be extremely easy. You may also get all the data you require about a particular domain and everything you need to know about a particular domain, in a single search.

 MX Toolbox

If you are want to know about the registration and related details about a domain, this tool can help. It runs WHOIS registration results for any domain name and helps you get the required information. As per the registrar, you can get related information such as who is the registrar is registered to, the time when it was registered and its expiry date. Apart from that, you may also find other detailed information such as where the DNS is hosted etc. In fact, some cases also allow you to get more information about registrar’s website.


Nominet searches the database for UK domain registrar for the domain name and provides the information regarding the domain name you have searched for. All you need is enter the domain name that you wish to check and click on look up.

BigRock whois lookup

This is another popular domain tool that lets you find WHOIS information about a website. All you need to do is enter website URL and find information about a domain.

Use the above mentioned tools to simplify the process of domain information lookup.

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