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What If We All End up Living in VW’s I.D. BUZZ Camper Vans?

Detroit, US, January 8 — Volkswagen announced to unveil their revamped camper bus concept at the North American International Auto Show from January 8th to 22nd, 2017. With this concept vehicle, VW tries to repurpose the design of their iconic bus and mixes it with modern technology features.

The I.D. BUZZ is an all-electric, eight-seater, with a retractable steering wheel to create more space and fold down seats. It is based on VW’s MEB modular platform, so could actually make it into production. The 200kw motor can drive it at up to 99 mph with a range likely around 250 miles.

As a concept, there are the usual neat features like a digital dash, head-up display, pause and play icons embossed on the pedals. The exterior pays homage to the original camper van, with plenty of great styling touches.

Homes for the tech homeless?

While VW likely sees this as a great way for people to work on the road, I think there might be a recession in the future when thousands of people have to sell their properties or can’t afford to move into a condo. If that was to happen the I.D. BUZZ could be the next micro living space for us.

While the concept looks pretty and stylish, seeing it reminds us of a David Tennant episode of Doctor Who (Gridlock) where everyone lives in a traffic jam in the bowels of New New York.

Kick out some of the seats and you have space for a bed. The plentiful USB and power ports could drive a small oven, coffee machine, and toaster, for life’s essentials. Hardcore owners could cram a chemical toilet in the back and other prepper essentials (gun racks and so on).

For some though, it would make a better-than-homeless way of getting to job interviews, working remotely and seeing the sights, while providing a low-cost bed for the night. That is if you don’t mind a constant view of car parks and queuing for the electrics chargers along with all the other digital nomads.

YouTube: New Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ: First Impressions

Photo credit: Volkswagen
Source: Mark Gillies, Jessica Anderson (Volkswagen press release)

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