Wearable Tech Designed for Sleepy Couch Potatoes


There’s no question that wearable tech has made it easier for us to become healthier. When I started thinking about it, I realized that most wearables are designed for active people. I have yet to see a piece of wearable tech that is specifically designed for couch potatoes, well that is, until today.

I’d like to share a wristband called KipstR with you. It’s pretty simple. When you fall asleep during a television show, this wearable will automatically start recording the rest of the show. Then when you wake up, you can finish watching it until the end.

Couch potatoes aren’t the only ones who fall asleep in front of the tube. We all do it every once in a while. The difference is, if you’re wearing this wristband, you won’t have to worry that you’ll miss the end of your television show.


I could see this being really handy during an episode of The Walking Dead or Scandal. The wristband (which is 3D printed), was developed during a collaboration between two teenagers and Virgin Media.

This wearable tech is able to detect when you fall asleep by using a pulse oximeter. According to Mashable, it could be used for more than just recording television shows:

Virgin Media says the application could also be used in the future to determine a user’s emotional reaction to a show, helping it suggest similar programs.

You can read more about KipstR by clicking over here to Virgin. They plan to start their free trials of this product in the spring. You will need a TiVo in order for KipstR to work properly since it basically acts like your TiVo remote to pause and record the show.

I don’t think I watch enough television for this to be useful for me, but I can see how some people would love it, especially if they fall asleep during their favorite show of the week.


Source: Mashable
Photo credit: El Alvi / Virgin

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