Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut – Wasteland Better and Bigger than Ever


One of the main things about Wasteland 2 was the fact that, pretty much like Fallout, it manages to bring in front the uniqueness of the first games in the series, all while providing you with a whole lot of interesting game mechanics that bring in front interesting exploration mechanics and immense gameplay ideas.

With Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut, InXile manages to provide some of the most exciting and feature perfect versions of an already massive and exciting game, mostly by addressing most of the issues that people had with the original game.

There are plenty of improvements that are added by the Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut version, all of which focus on new perks, quirks, precision strikes, more voice acting, some truly necessary balance changes as well as a visual upgrade that many considered as being needed since the game was out for quite some time now.

After downloading the game, I was pleasantly surprised by the interesting update that comes from the visuals. The performance for this title is also a lot better, mainly because the game is designed in order to offer you a whole lot of unique, cool gameplay mechanics that you can enjoy all the time. The entire experience is created with a lot of great taste, so even if you can’t really find that much added bonuses inside the Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut version, the fact that the old Wasteland developers did work on this clearly show how much passion they have for the title and its future.

The fact that this new version adds more voices is truly impressive, but at the same time I liked the small stuff such as the perks and quirks system that are balanced to the point of offering you immense benefits and great ideas that you can enjoy all the time. The entire gameplay is more than immersive here, and the simple fact that you can play with a whole lot of new perks does add a bunch of replay value that you can enjoy all the time.

Finally, they managed to add controller support which was a much needed upgrade on its own, but they also integrated a precision strike system which allows you to target individual body parts. This alone manages to bring in front more depth and interesting gameplay, so you can rest assured that the entire experience is immersive all the time.

They might not have added tons of quests or expanded the story, but Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut does a great job when it comes to offering players a more cohesive experience. The graphics are amazing here, and all the other added extras are cool on their own. It’s more than just a simple update, as you can see there’s a lot of work included here, and the fact that you can get it for free if you have the original Wasteland 2 shows the amount of commitment that they have towards creating a very good game. In the end, Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut is an amazing update and it does manage to spruce up the original title quite a lot, so if you like post-apocalyptic games, you should totally give this a shot.

YouTube: Launch Trailer – Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut

Photo credit:Deep Silver / inXile

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