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For decades now, computer privacy has been a major concern for all users. Unfortunately, as time passes we can clearly see that the concern starts to grow exponentially, as more and more security threats can be found each day. No matter if we use a computer at home or for business purposes, the reality is that all of us need to be sure that no one will gain access to our computer while we are away for a little while.

However, this might not seem to be enough as lots of people might be peeking on what you do, and this can be a major downside as they will immediately find out. Up until now, there wasn’t any tool or something similar that could help us in this regard, but thankfully the 3M ePrivacy Filter Software application has been launched recently.

What makes the 3M ePrivacy Filter Software amazing is the fact that its developers conceived it as a comprehensive, easy to use privacy solution that will continually monitor your surroundings in order to find security threats, and then it will start protecting you as fast as possible.

Of course, the application can’t simply do this all on its own, and for tracking purposes it will require the installation of a webcam. Then again, most laptops have a webcam nowadays so that won’t be a problem. Being protected up to 180 degrees at all times is astonishing and the app does wonders in this regard.

3M ePrivacy Filter Software was designed to work with the Privacy Filter developed by the same company, and when they detect someone peeking, they will just block the screen from all side views and, instead, focus on bringing the user in front of the computer a much cleaner, better image! The privacy filter brings other interesting features as well, in the form of protecting the screen from scratches, a reversible glossy and matte finish option, as well as an ultimate protection against any persons that are peaking.

AnimatedPrivacyScreenIIOn its own, 3M ePrivacy Filter does marvels in bringing an intelligent facial recognition system that will continually scan through the webcam in order to see whether it’s you in front of it or anyone else. What’s very interesting in our opinion is the fact that you can continually customize the privacy settings according to your needs, so if you want you can restrict the computer to detect only you, or share it with friends. There are numerous other options that can be customized, and all of them can easily be chosen according to your needs.

The feature that we like the most comes in the form of the walk-away privacy. This means that when you walk away and the app doesn’t detect you sitting in front of your computer any more, the display will just blur and no one will be able to access it until you come back. 3M ePrivacy Filter works astonishingly well in this regard and it does a stellar job when it comes to keeping your data safe, no matter what you are currently working on.

The application works great on laptops, which means that even with a low battery usage you will be able to get great results. Your laptop will be able to last for a long time and you won’t have a problem securing yourself against data theft and other similar problems.

The installation for 3M ePrivacy Filter is quite simple, as you won’t have a problem dealing with installing third party tools, and instead all you will need to do is to install the apps at your own pace. 3M ePrivacy Filter does a great job in being user friendly and that’s definitely one of its stronger parts.

These are all features included in both the Professional and Enterprise edition. The latter does bring a little extra into play, mainly functions that are helpful in the business world. These include central deployment and management, as well as audit capability, if this is needed.

Since 3M ePrivacy Filter uses the webcam for detecting the face, whenever you will be in front of your computer it will work seamlessly. The setup works with multi-monitor setups as well, although you will have to position the webcam in a good position so that it will be able to perform surveillance the right way.

As expected, the application will have a few problems detecting you if you use make-up, hats, glasses and so on, but if you enter the Windows password it will automatically take a new picture of yourself. And since the Windows password is a great way to ensure the security of your computer, no one will be able to access it, making the 3M ePrivacy Filter an efficient extra layer of protection.

The high amount of customizability and the way the  screen is blurred when an intruder is detected just makes the app a very intelligent and exquisite way to protect your privacy. This is by far one of the most interesting and efficient applications that you can use nowadays for protecting your data when you are working on something important. With the help of 3M ePrivacy Filter, you will always be one step ahead of the competition, and no one will be able to access your data.

In conclusion, we found the 3M ePrivacy Filter application to be a great security app that will definitely make you feel safer when you are in front of your computer. After all, it’s essential to be safe while browsing the web or working on something secret. The system on its own is revolutionary and using the webcam is certainly a neat innovation.

3M ePrivacy Filter is available only for Windows as of now, and there are no plans for other platforms. Even so, for the majority of us that use Windows, this is a great investment. And it’s quite cheap as well, as you need to shell out only around $49.99 for the professional version, which makes it a steal. If you want to check out how this wonderful privacy filter can increase your computer usage sessions, we entice you to check it out!

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