Ultrasonic Tech Allows You to Clean Clothes with Sound


Over the last few years, there have been several attempts to create what will be the next gen method for washing clothes. Some people say we’ll reuse our fabric to print new clothes each day, and others say we will wash clothes without water. The ideas never end. This one is particularly interesting to me, and it’s being produced right now. It uses ultrasonic tech to clean clothes with sound.

I agree that the traditional washing machine needs a facelift. I bought a new washing machine recently, and although it’s high tech, it physically looks almost the same as the washing machine my parents used when I was a little girl. It’s still big, boxy, bulky, heavy and industrial-looking.

Today I’d like to share Dolfi with you. It’s a next gen way to wash clothes. It is a device that fits in your hand, and it uses ultrasonic tech to gently clean your dirtiest fabric. It uses sound to get your clothes all fresh and new again.


Using technology that incorporates sound has come a long way. I wrote an article last summer about using everyday sounds to charge your smartphone. Dolfi is a small device that would allow you to wash clothes almost anywhere.

You just simply get a large bowl (or you can use the sink), fill it with water, add your clothes, detergent and Dolfi, and then turn the device on. That’s it. I hope it’s battery powered since needing a cord/plug would make it cumbersome.


The fact that this device is up to 80 times more energy efficient than your mom’s washing machine makes it even more attractive. If you’re wondering about where the name ‘Dolfi’ came from, it is an homage to dolphins. Dolphins are the most advanced users of ultrasound.

From what I’ve read, people seem to think this will be most useful when they’re traveling. I’m not sure about that though. Without a drying component to complement the washing cycle, it will take clothes a long time to air dry in a hotel room. Then again, maybe that will become a second use for the hair dryer in the hotel bathroom.

I like the idea of using ultrasonic tech to clean clothes. When you think about it, it’s a natural fit. After all, ultrasonic tech is already being used to clean jewelry, watches, surgical instruments and other things.

wash-clothes-with-dolfi-sound-dolfiClick image for large version pop-up

The team working on Dolfi will be launching their IndieGoGo page later today. At the time I am writing this, there isn’t a link yet. We wish them the best of luck and much success as they attempt to lead us into the future with a new way to wash clothes.

Source: psfk
Photo credit: Gloria Garcia / Dolfi

YouTube: Dolfi – Next Gen Washing Device (by Dolfi)

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