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Twitter Acquires Niche

Niche is a startup company that tries to assist social media starts on platforms such as Vine, a great platform to create simple, funny videos and post them online so you can share them with friends. In less than 2 years, the company has managed to receive a massive growth and it has become one of the largest content creation and distribution platforms.

Twitter Logo Official PNG Large High Resolution Version Transparent Blue BirdAs expected, Niche has attracted the attention of a variety of users in the online world, but also managed to appeal to companies as well. This is why we can now announce that Niche has been acquired by Twitter, one of the largest social media platforms you can find right now.

Twitter has partnered with the Niche platform right from the start, and this has been a great fit for both companies, so it’s very easy to understand why the purchase seems like something natural instead of anything forced.

Numerous comedic personalities, as well as fashion related people or even the normal persons managed to share Vine content on Twitter and the other way around, so at some point such a purchase was to be expected, in one way or another.

In the end, it’s all about making the social media accessible, so Twitter working together with Niche and actually buying them it’s a good idea, at least on paper, so we do have to see how this is going to work in the future.

It seems that the purchase of Niche came with a cost of around 30 million dollars for Twitter, quite a lot in our opinion. This sum has been said by a person that seems to be having knowledge on the matter, so it’s a little uncertain to know the exact sum because the terms of the deal is private.

1404774_642822155781681_1685253086_oPhoto: Niche Team

Based on this deal, Twitter will have the opportunity to link advertisers directly to those that create viral content. Basically, it will allow Viners to monetize the videos they create, pretty much like YouTubers tend to do quite a lot nowadays.

Twitter is actually working hard in order to make it easier for people to create content for the Vine platforms. Right now, Niche is making money based on a deal that is created between the content creator and advertiser, and this is where they tap in to get a little of the revenue. There are millions of Vine users, so Twitter will definitely have an increase in users as well, in fact, research suggests that Twitter will receive close to 16 million new users in the next quarter after this deal has been completed.

We see the Niche acquisition as being something natural in the social media world. It is a little frightening that social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook are accumulating all the smaller networks, but, pretty much like in the case of Oculus and Facebook, it’s very interesting to see how these deals will evolve in the future. We look forward to see how Niche and Vine will explore the new opportunities, and how/if their services will be improved.

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