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TRANSFAST Builds Universal SSD at the Size of a Dongle

Today’s world is highly dependent on massive data. It can be documents, numbers, pictures, videos, music, or games that consume a lot of memory space and may slow down the system. So, you will need to find an alternative solution for data backup. In that case, portable solid-state drives (SSDs) can be a versatile solution. You can have all the advantages of an internal SSD in a portable format, so you can easily travel with your important data, wherever you want.

The demand for portable SSDs is increasing. To answer that need, TRANSFAST has come up with a new portable SSD with universal compatibility. It has been engineered with modern technology to comply with high speed, enhanced capacity, and better durability. You can use it in any system or device that can hold up almost all the crucial data in one solution.


The features

TRANSFAST launched their new portable SSD, packing it with some amazing features that will make sure that you “spend less time waiting”. It has been designed with:

  • 3mm ultra-portability
  • Maximum 550MB/s read and write speed
  • Up to 2TB memory capacity
  • Built-in USB-C port
  • Universal compatibility
  • Lightweight

No matter what you do, you can carry all the crucial files and documents in a flash. It acts as a cloud storage subscription-killer as well that is poised to be the future of data storage. This pocket-sized external SSD is equipped with USB 3.1 GEN 2 connectors. So, you can use it in your Android, Linux, Windows, iOS without a hassle.

Efficient engineering

TRANSFAST’s portable SSD has been built with extreme efficiency and detail. Its anodized aluminum body has been used through CNC machines for rigid durability. It also spreads the heat generated during high capacity usage at the surface, ensuring superior endurance and higher stability. The metal shockproof and waterproof outer shell gives it a premium vibe in 4 different colors; blue, black, golden, and silver.

TRANSFAST has 2TB of internal storage that can store and transfer all the data in the shortest period. It complies with multiple adapters designed that enhance the connectivity with other devices for a seamless backup.


TRANSFAST has made a solution safer than cloud storage wherein you can store all your important files on the SSD even when you’re offline and on the go. You can access the data without an internet connection and keeps your device free from any sort of data breaches and hackers.

Take it everywhere

The portable SSD has opened a new dimension in the world of NAND flash storage devices. TRANSFAST has been designed with modernization and efficiency that makes it look like USB pen drives. The architecture of the memory device makes it look smaller and handier than the other brands in the market.

This next-generation universal connectivity enables a stable read and writes at 30x faster speed, typically much better than the usual USB flash drives. TRANSFAST’s high-speed data transferability lets you transfer an 8k video in less than a minute. The backup speed is also amazing. Around 20GB of video files will take only 42 seconds to transfer. You can quickly backup bigger multimedia files spending lesser time.


With TRANSFAST’s type C port, you can use it on any of your devices, from your PC or Mac to your Apple or Android phones. In fact, you can also use it as external storage for your PS5 or Nintendo Switch and enjoy playing games without any lag.

TRANSFAST is an interesting solution for transferring files offline and in between different devices. Currently, it has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and is scheduled to be shipped out by July 2021.


Photo credit: The images used are owned by TRANSFAST and have been provided for press usage.

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