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We all have had a love-hate relationship with our fashion assets. If it isn’t the washing machine dying our clothes a different color, it’s the dryer eating our socks, God knows why. We sometimes wish for help, or even for an extra hand to spare when it’s time to manage all the clothes we have, but our pleas tend to be unheard, sadly… That is, until now.

Enter ThreadRobe, our answer to our everyday laundry troubles. Believe it or not, this is is a specially-designed wardrobe that automatically stores and arranges your clothing. Technically, you’re still in charge of washing and drying your clothes, but ThreadRobe would help you keep your garments not only safe and clean but also wrinkle-free. One of the most daunting laundry tasks – arranging your clothing on the wardrobe – would be over that way.

How does the magic work?

ThreadRobe Wardrobe Functional Furniture IoT App Smart Fashion ControlNot with pixie dust, that’s for sure! Truth to be told, most of ThreadRobe’s charm comes from its accompanying app. The aptly named ThreadRobe app is the brains and soul behind this elegant piece of furniture. Here’s the gist of it.

To every piece of clothing you deposit into the wardrobe’s bin, you will attach a small RFID tag on it (yes, the same kind of chips used for credit cards and to retrieve socks), and later take a photo of it with the app. The app will automatically detect its color and remember it from now on, thanks to the chip. It will be possible to store it and arrange it within the internal storage. Overall, you still need to wash your clothes by yourself, and they need to be dry before you deposit them inside the bin. Still, the app warns you a piece of your clothing is dirty, so it’s just a matter of retrieving it with the app.

Depending on the settings you choose, you can also select the days in where your clothing will be steamed and dispensed. That way, the wardrobe will automatically prepare your clothing the day you chose and place them in the bin, not without a good dose of steam that will help you – albeit not save – you from the ironing duty.

Save an outfit

Perhaps one of the best features of the ThreadRobe app is that it allows you to create styles and outfits. The app uses a series of algorithms to choreograph complete and matching outfits, although you can still create your own through the Clipboard feature.

The app also lets you create different accounts so you can manage, let’s say, your child’s clothing, for whom you’ll have an entirely different apparel aside. What’s better is that you can also use it while you’re shopping. With just a camera click on the garment that most catches your attention, it will detect its color and match it with one of the clothes it contains in its database. So, when you have no one to help you with your fashion dilemmas, at least you’ll find a friend on the ThreadRobe app.

ThreadRobe App on Tablet

Sadly, the wardrobe is not perfect. Although the two available models can store around 100-200 pieces each, neither of them can store hard items, such as shoes. Some garments, such as knitted clothes and fancy dresses, are best to be kept in an ordinary wardrobe, out of the closed, albeit blind, ThreadRobe’s hangers, which still lack the basic understanding that knitted sweaters must not be stretched.

Thankfully, almost as to compensate this little inconvenience, ThreadRobe still allows you to register your other fashion items in your app and at least it does understand that some things come in pairs, so you’ll get, let’s say, both of your socks when it’s time to dispense them. ThreadRobe will be that friend that the dryer stopped being the first time it lost one of your stockings!

A dream to come true in 2018

Matt Powell, the CEO, and brains behind ThreadRobe, hopes to bring ThreadRobe to the market on mid-2018, although you can still make your pre-order on the official site.

So far, there are two available models: the small desk-shaped ThreadRobe Solo and the larger ThreadRobe Solo +. Both being available in different colors. The smaller one’s retail price is, so far, $3,250, and the larger one is $4,000.

Sadly, the ThreadRobe is only available for the continental American public, although international markets aren’t out of the question either. It’s just a matter of waiting to be honest. After all, who wouldn’t like a little extra help with laundry work? People would be thankful to have a youthful ThreadRobe helping them, the younger and smarter sibling of the washing and drying machines, as the site boasts.

YouTube: Meet ThreadRobe: Automated Furniture that Automatically Stores your Clothes

Photo credit: ThreadRobe

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