Cube Love: Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth Speaker Review


Sony make.believe logo - black be moved without claim slogan cleanBluetooth speakers are not something new in the market. With that being said, the market for these ingenious inventions has been exceptional. We’ve seen floating Bluetooth speakers, waterproof Bluetooth speakers and even ones like the Sony Rolly; a speaker which dances and lights up in accordance to your favorite music tracks.

My personal favorite right now, however, is the Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker.

Small but kicking

Debuting in 2015, this pocket-sized speaker delivers a punch and has gained an incredibly high reputation for delivering a remarkable sound performance while remaining as one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers out on the market. Weighing ion at a mere 215 grams and representing a cube of 6.1 centimeters by 6.1 centimeters, the Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker is both compact and convenient as it is travel-friendly and even petite enough to fit into a coat or jacket pocket.

To add further convenience, this mini Bluetooth speaker comes with a matching wrist strap, that is made of silicone, which has proved to be reliable and sturdy. You won’t have to worry about it not being able to hold the weight of your SRS-X11 speaker.

Sony Portable Wireless Speakers Room Setup Technical Drawing

The sound performance of this product is incredible as it accurately delivers each note and the perfect bass with its decent 10 Watts power output. You can even step up your audio experience by purchasing two of these speakers and pressing the ‘add’ button on the back of both products to form left and right speakers for the perfect stereo sound system.

Battery life is also another impressive feature on the Sony SRS-X11. It has the capability of 12 hours of continuous playback when used at a moderate volume level. This is amazing as its battery life lasts almost twice as long as other Bluetooth speakers on the market. For example, the ‘Pill’ portable Bluetooth speaker by Beats by Dr. Dre has a continuous playback time of around 7 hours.

Best feature?

While these features are great, what I truly love about this product is its NFC capabilities and its hands-free calling feature. Ever since I’ve purchased the Sony SRS-X11, the way I’ve listened to music has completely changed. Thanks to the NFC-enabled features on my Bluetooth speaker, all I have to do is tap my phone onto my Sony SRS-X11 to turn it on automatically. After the initial set-up, once my speaker senses my phone via NFC, it immediately connects to my phone and seamlessly plays whatever music I’ve selected on my device.

Nothing beats reaching for my phone and tapping it on my speaker every single morning, especially as an advocate of being gently coerced out of bed by melodious tunes.

On top of the speaker, there is an indented button with a phone symbol. Once connected to your phone, this allows you to either open up the dialer application on your phone or even accept incoming calls directly from the speaker. Even if you’re caught in a situation where your phone is perhaps in another room, it is incredibly convenient that the Sony SRS-X11 allows you to pick up calls and talk directly into the in-built microphone of the speaker; without having to touch your phone at all. This feature is especially suitable for those who find it difficult to accept calls while cooking in the kitchen or for those who have a habit of listening to music in the shower.

Options and pricing

For those who care about personal touches, the Sony SRS-X11 comes in a variety of different colors. Five in total, to be exact. My personal favorite would be the ice blue color however they are also sold in: black, pink red and white. With such a vast variety, there’s bound to be a color that suits your tastes.

Sony SRS - X11 Bluetooth Speaker Review Colors Options Cube

The only downside to this product would perhaps be its price. At around $70 USD, there are speakers which share its sound quality for a much lower price on the market. However, you won’t be able to find a speaker of its size, delivering such excellent sound quality while carrying the same capabilities. In a way, the Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker is in an entire league of its own.

YouTube: FIRST LOOK | SRS-X11 Wireless Speakers from Sony

Photo credit: Sony

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