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Sense Is the Silk Labs Camera for Smart Homes

Since the internet of things is making such a splash nowadays, there’s no denying that people are getting more and more interested in stuff such as smart homes and automation. A team of experts that worked at Mozilla a while ago started their own company named Silk Labs and they came up with a device named Sense which is basically a smart home hub that helps take the experience to new heights with incredible results and a great visual appeal.

What Sense does is that it basically becomes a WQA digital brain of the home. You can see it as the central hub for home automation because it basically allows you to access everything that you might need and so much more. Not only that, but it actually does a great job in learning about what you do, your patterns, what you use often and so on. It’s the only smart home hub that actually learns based on the input that you deliver and in time this can prove to be more than exciting.

It uses facial recognition to see who enters the home then based on that it will set your features and desires based on what the program knows about you. Sense also comes with a companion app that makes all of this possible and the results are really nice right of the bat.

As you can expect, Sense is more than just a simple device, instead it’s a very powerful hub with one of a kind, reliable software and a very good set of features. It’s designed to maintain your safety but at the same time it also delivers a stellar look and it seamlessly blends with your home. It’s an internet of things device that actually works without a problem and which manages to take the experience to new heights thanks to the complete integration of futuristic features that are well worth your time.


I feel that Sense does a great job in delivering one of a kind, quality features and at the same time it’s designed to offer the security that you always wanted from such a tool. Since all settings are kept on the device itself and not the cloud, you don’t have to worry about any issues at all, which is really neat considering that accidents such as leaks or hacks can appear.

Sense can be purchased on Kickstarter and the price of $225 is actually very good considering what it can deliver. It’s more than interesting and definitely well worth giving it a shot if you want to create and run a smart home, you should just check it out right now!

YouTube: Silk Labs Sense Let’s You Know Who’s home

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