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Samsung Introduces PlayGalaxy Link for Streaming PC Games

Have you ever been interrupted while being in the middle of an exciting game play? How many times have you had to leave midway? Well, this won’t happen again with Samsung’s new PlayGalaxy Link, a streaming service from the Galaxy Store for the Galaxy Note10. This service will allow you play your PC games with you wherever you go.

The PlayGalaxy Link lets you play PC games on your Galaxy Note10 with a great streaming experience. Connecting the Galaxy Note10 to your PC allows you to create a customizable streaming experience , not to mention have access to the games you already own.

With the app, It doesn’t matter if you are going to work, chilling in your couch or outside in the beach. You can use the Galaxy Note10 to connect to your PC using Wi-Fi or mobile data (4G/5G) to continue your game while on the go.

About the service

PlayGalaxy Link is designed with a P2P connection to prevent lag and latency while gaming on your device. The service also uses an Adaptive FPS for better connectivity even in areas with poor connection. However, the connection speeds would still depend on your network connection. Its reliability will also vary depending on local network providers and regional stability.

You can play without worrying about the game occupying your device’s storage or affect graphics performance when playing your games. The app is compatible with all graphic cards, so you’ll still experience high-fidelity while streaming your game.

Also, the device’s temperature won’t be a problem since the PlayGalaxy Link uses a PC to power your gaming session. Just be mindful of your battery life. Besides that, the app will have a library of PC games along with exclusive titles for your mobile device. You can get your experience beyond, with a glap controller, regular controller or a traditional keyboard.

Setting it up

All you need to do is install the PlayGalaxy Link app on both your PC and Galaxy Note10. Once installed, simply add your games to start streaming your games. You can also opt to connect with wired or Bluetooth-enabled controllers for a better gaming experience.

The processing of the game is mostly done on your home computer as the game gets streamed on your phone. So, the better specs your computer has, the better your streaming experience will be.

The beta for PlayGalaxy Link is now available in South Korea, US, UK, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Singapore, and Russia. In addition to the Galaxy Note10, Galaxy S10 owners can now download the MR software update to access PlayGalaxy Link. The update will be coming to the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note9, and Galaxy A90 this month.

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Source: Samsung Newsroom

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