Soaring Into the Galaxy with the Note 4


Samsung was an early player in the smartphone and tablet craze. Its latest offering lives up to its formidable reputation, and that includes the Note 4.

The concocted term is ‘phablet’ or phone along with tablet, both being pop picks of the young generation. Samsung was among the few to merge the best of both worlds in their Galaxy series. The Galaxy series aim to combine the positive features and functions of both devices to strive towards maximum efficiency. The Samsung Galaxy Note series is the epitome of stylish convenience in the electronic market today. Before buying any electronic device, however well-lauded it may be, it is always a good idea to take note of all the features the product has to offer. It has a medley of rather exciting features.

Time for the screen area

The first and most primary feature, which you might come across with Note 4, is the Quad HD Super AMOLED Display. The high contrasting 5.7 inches screen is too good to avoid. It is likely to offer the sharpest resolution and color saturation, along with best browsing experience of your choice. Now, you do not have to strain your eyes and read those tiny texts, on screen. The main aim is to increase the convenience level of the same.

Some other fascinating features

There are certain other points associated with Note 4 option, which is listed below:

  • The S-Pen: The S-Pen is a novel idea introduced by Samsung in its Galaxy series. Vaguely reminiscent of magic-boards that children grew up with, it is a pen-like device, or a stylus, that accompanies the phablet, allowing for easier browsing, inputting authentic signatures or other handwritten notes due to enhanced pressure sensitivity.
  • Advanced camera: It is pointless to deny the fact that photography is what people look for. The several photo-sharing apps that seem to crop up every day are ample proof of that. To that effect, this phablet has a 3.7 MP front-facing F1.9 lens camera and a 16MP Smart OIS back camera.


Good-looking and efficient

Not only is the Note 4 a high-functioning model that runs on maximum efficiency, it also has the most top-notch design.

  • It is sleek, and has a premium metal frame
  • 5D glass screen
  • Soft-textured back cover with just the right curvature to fit comfortably in your fingers.

The phone comes in Charcoal Black, Bronze Gold and Blossom Pink variations. Samsung has also kept this product well-accessorized. A wide variety of protective back covers, stylish leather flip-covers, padded purse-like covers that double as wallets, screen-guards are available.

Some additional features

In addition to all these points, an important feature of this phablet is its unbelievable battery life. Today as everyone is constantly on the move, more often than not, our phone batteries run out more faster than we would like them to. Keeping this in mind, Samsung has made its latest offering, the Note under the 4-series, surprisingly battery-efficient, and it is able to run long periods of time without having to be charged. It has been touted to have powerful components, fantastic screen-display features, and above-average construction quality. All in all, it seems to be excellent value for money and a great choice for professionals and technology junkies alike.

This article has been provided by guest author Akanksha Mishra. Thanks for that Akanksha!

Photo credit: Samsung

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Guest Author
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