Ryno: The Coolest Unicycle Around


Ryno (officially stylized as “RYNO” in capital letters) is one of the gadgets and tools that you just can enjoy using right from the start. It’s an insanely fun, yet very interesting scooter that has a single wheel. Honestly, I feel that this type of scooter just doesn’t need more than a single wheel (“unicycle”) and the fact that it’s fully balanced clearly manages to impress. The engineering here is very interesting to be honest and I am more than astounded with how well this device manages to control and work as a whole.

What makes Ryno stand out is the fact that you’re not limited to the bike lane or the street, instead it’s a transitional vehicle and it can literally go anywhere you want without any restrictions.

I like the fact that the Ryno is a solid device and it won’t have any problem going in the most challenging locations out there. That’s what makes it so good to begin with and the value you obtain here is very impressive.

 There’s a lot to love here, from the stop assist level to the attitude adjustment buttons and the great LED headlights, not to mention that you have an adjustable seat. Yes, the seat can easily be adjusted as you see fit and that’s something to offer an immense value as you use it. Sure, there are some issues to face at the beginning but with the Ryno you easily get used to the experience.

They integrated a shock absorber which is a nice addition to say the least and there’s also a parking brake in there as well. You can charge it without a problem via a dedicated power plug and the device is fairly easy to use on the road thanks to the AT rest bumpers and the brakes. It even features an interesting parking brake that’s as good as you expect. The batteries will last you for quite some long and interesting runs, so you will not have to worry about any runtime either, unless you want to use it for many hours at a time, in which case you will need to charge it.

All the features added in the Ryno clearly show that this is a solid vehicle well suited for the roads and for the interesting leisure that you want to do from time to time. The pricing information is not available at this particular time but it does show the commitment and attention to detail that you can get here. Plus, there’s a lot of value here so you will definitely appreciate the amazing results and experience you can obtain in the end. Just check out Ryno and visit their site immediately to pre-order one. Pricing can be found out based on your needs when you contact the team, but it could be a worthwhile investment!

YouTube: RYNO Performance Testing (RYNO Motors)

Photo credit: RYNO Motors

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