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RoofBi Will Keep Your Bike Dry in Rain

Riding your bike is cool and all, but there are situations where you have to deal with all kinds of weather. Yes, I’ve been there just like you and it’s not pretty at all to bike while raining. Thankfully, a new gadget wants to remove the hassle and make the entire process a lot more fun. We are talking about the RoofBi, which is a neat bike protection well suited for all kinds of weather.

The idea with the RoofBi is that it helps you protect your body from any type of climate change. It will help a lot when it comes to cold, rain and wind gusts but it can be a little counter intuitive to use it during heats. That’s what really makes it stand out and in the end the experience is all about helping you with the dire conditions to begin with.

One of the things I appreciate about its design is that the device is well suited for protecting your feet as well. After all, it won’t really matter if you see where you are headed and you don’t get your upper body wet if your feet will get wet. But the design does address this sort of issues and it helps maintain a better attention to detail. I appreciate that quite a lot and I feel that you get a pretty solid job and a truly immersive experience with the RoofBi because of that.

 Also, RoofBi is great if you have kids. If you have a passenger on your bike, such as a child for example, he will be protected as well. The same goes with personal effects or anything you want to carry. This might not look the best in the world, but when you are on the road, I feel that RoofBi is indeed the most important investment that you can make for your bike.

It’s a solid product and an interesting purchase to say the least, which is why it’s nice to have such great features. Plus, the ability to be visible in the dark and have it working in 2 minutes does make the RoofBi offer an immense value for its users. If you combine that with the fact that you can easily store the RoofBi in your backpack, you will certainly be amazed with the interesting results that you can obtain from it.

As a whole, I feel that RoofBi is a cool product, if you choose to use the bike at all times during the day or even during the night at times. It’s protecting you against the elements and it’s just a ton of fun to use which is what matters the most in the end. Just check it out if you can since it’s well worth the investment!

YouTube: Roofbi, the new rain protection for bicycle

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