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Rollocam Works on a Cool Affordable Motorized Camera Platform

One of the worst things about camera systems is that they usually require a lot of time, attention to detail and planning to create a video. If you want to create a home video when you run for example but still need to stay within the camera range then you will be disappointed, as there’s no way to do such a thing. Until now.

The Hercules Motorized Camera Platform by RolloCam is an innovative and quite interesting camera system that was designed with a single premise, and that is to help you obtain a great motion control camera system that really delivers on its promise.

Not only is this dolly camera system light, it’s also quite easy to control and it definitely manages to integrate the attention to quality and results that you might want.

How does the Hercules camera platform work?

This is a pocket size motion control camera system that helps deliver a cinematic dolly shot and time lapse. It starts with a portable drive unit that you will use to mount everything on and once that is done you will have the ability to place the accessories. The accessories are basically required in order to help the portable drive unit and then you can use in order to obtain the results you want.

The accessories are basically a track that you can use to move the device around, a fixed wheel and a curved wheel bracket as well as a manual dolly and panoramic base that help everything add in together and improve the user experience.

As you can expect the system doesn’t come with a camera so you need to add your own, but it’s very versatile and it can deliver a very good value as a whole, which is what matters the most.


The system is portable and you can easily carry it with you anywhere you want without restrictions. It also delivers plenty of versatility which in the end accounts for a very good quality and amazing user experience.

The battery is very good to be honest, it lasts for around an hour and that’s definitely more than you need especially if you don’t have enough memory to store everything. The system is rugged and truly professional, not to mention programmable so just about everyone can use it and still obtain the best return on investment which is what matters the most.

At the end of the day, the Hercules camera platform does bring in front all the features that you would like to see from a portable moving camera system. It doesn’t disappoint and it really breaks new grounds in regards to the overall quality and attention to detail. I liked using it and I am sure you will do the same, so just check it out!

YouTube: Hercules Motorized Camera Platform

Photo credit: Rollocam

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