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Rebekah Marine: The Bionic Model

One of the things I like about our world is the fact that just about anyone can do anything he wants, without any restrictions. Let’s face it, this is simply amazing and it does offer us extraordinary benefits since even until the past 1-2 centuries people were not free enough to do or even wish for such a thing. And even if times have changed in a better way, the reality is that things remain pretty much the same in some fields, such as fashion for example.

For years, we had to deal with the stereotype that a model has to be a person that’s slim, very fit and with a specific physical appeal. While this sounds like a good idea for some, there are some persons, such as Rebekah Marine for example that have that, but a minor detail can disqualify them.

Simply put, Rebekah Marine is a very beautiful woman. She is a stunning lady that definitely impresses when you see her, so when you see her you will say that she is, indeed, top class fashion model material. Yet the fact that she was born without a right forearm is what brought in quite a lot of challenges for her. Combine that with the fact that the fashion world is designed to be one of the most challenging fields in the world when it comes to accepting something new and you will understand why working in this field was like a challenge for her.

Until 2011, she had to deal with the fact that she doesn’t have an arm, but thankfully since 2010 tech managed to evolve so much that Rebekah Marine found out she can actually acquire a myoelectric prosthesis that will remove or at least alleviate most of the challenges that came in her life. Until then, she had a mechanic prosthesis which was quite helpful for her, at least to some extent, but the problems did appear quite fast when it was close to impossible for her to actually solve the problems in her life.

With the myoelectric prosthesis things have changed for the better, and this is also when she wanted to further pursue her dream in order to become a model. Even if it spans only over a few years, this was a true challenge for her, but one that has managed to bring in a lot of admiration from the people, especially in the online world. From TV shows to newspapers, magazines and a wide range of other materials, all of them have focused on showcasing the uniqueness of Rebekah Marine, and this shows that life can move onward even if you have a disability. The society has managed to evolve beyond belief and tech definitely plays a major role in that. Thanks to tech, Rebekah is able to pursue her lifelong dream, and you can rest assured that many people out there can do the same thing. With the biomechanics and bio tech as a whole expanding at a rapid pace, we can only imagine the great benefits and results that will come from here onward!

If you want to see more from Rebekah you should check out the gallery at SleeperAwake Photography.

YouTube: Bionic model, Down teen to strut on NY fashion runway

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