What Is a Rage Room Used For? Stress Relief!


Have you ever heard of the term rage room or anger room? In this article, we want to have a look into the subject of demolition-as-a-service and how it can help to cope with stress. No matter if you have trouble at work or in your relationship, take the sledgehammer and put it to good use.

Don’t you want to leave everything and everyone aside and feel that you are strong and get rid of all your stress? The rage room business is becoming more common globally, and it seems to be a new entrepreneurial issue, but proves to be an interesting way to take care of your wellbeing and mental health.

What’s a rage room?

In recent years, when the rate of antidepressant use has peaked, we can be overwhelmed by our work, mobbing, financial trouble, and not being able to own the things we wish for. One of the new business ideas emerging today, called stress room, stress relief house or stress house; but the business sector, often referred to as the anger room, is exactly the solution to this problem.

Harley Quinn Rage Room at the DC Universe area at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
Harley Quinn Rage Room at the DC Universe area at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. (Image: Dave Maass / Flickr)

These rage rooms are neat rooms with all sorts of niceties and breakable objects. The customer usually would get protective gear and maybe a sort of tool and then can freely demolish everything and scream out all their negative energies. There could be various themes on how the rage rooms are styled like but at the end of the day, they should have some chinaware, maybe an old tv set, or other sorts of destructive furniture and decorations.

How do rage rooms work?

People who enter the rage room, together with their overalls and masks, enter the prepared room with the sledgehammer they take in their hands and relieve stress by shattering everything in front of them. Rage rooms are opened in many countries and cities and, they are also allowed by the Ministry of Health with a passing grade. Although all forms of violence are bad deeds, it is much more acceptable for those who go to anger rooms to relieve stress, at least from inanimate objects rather than living things.

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Rage room will also be a relaxing method for customers who can get rid of mental and physical deformities that may occur due to the anger they throw at them. At the same time, these rooms can enable those with anger problems to release their anger and perhaps be more willed in anger control.

Does it really help?

First made in Japan in 2008, these rage rooms are becoming more common in America and European countries. With the pandemic, the demand for anger rooms is increasing. People say they use it to get rid of their quarantine rage.

Reasons such as livelihood troubles and work stress are the main reasons for customers of anger rooms. Students who experience exam stress in some countries also often go to anger rooms. So, can that be bad? It’s certainly more healthy than smoking, drinking, taking drugs, or just not managing to get stress relief at all. If it works, and nobody gets hurt – why not?

Additional resources to learn more about this topic:

YouTube: 20 Minutes to Destroy Everything In Sight (Will Smith in a rage room)

Photo credit: The feature image was taken by Ryan Snaadt. The image in the body of the article was prepared by Dave Maass.
Source: Wikipedia / Oona McGee (Japan Today)

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