Qumu Adds Enterprise Video Capabilities to Your Organization


qumu logoYouTube is a great platform for those that consume and share regular videos, but for the corporate world YouTube might not be the best choice to be honest. Not only does it have a lack of business related features, but the corporate videos can easily get lost in the plethora of personal video.

Qumu comes as a solution for mostly businesses as well as a variety of corporate clients that see video as the perfect way to communicate with their clients and between employees. There’s no denying that communication is a very important side of any business and with enough focus on the proper channels you can easily get some interesting results.

Thanks to Qumu you have the ability to engage audiences with videos, all while showing them how important they are for your company. Getting the right communication done properly right off the bat is exactly what you want and with a tool like Qumu this can easily become a reality!

qumu platform overview

Sharing ideas is very easy with Qumu and it’s what makes the platform stand on its own. The great quality combined with an amazing experience makes it one of the most reliable places where you can interact with others and have fun, and rest assured that there’s a lot of benefit to be had from this beautiful platform.

 Qumu has quite a great reach and as you would expect such a thing does benefit any business quite a lot. They help you focus on the local area, but you can also engage people from other regions too which is a major plus. Creating a video with this app is fast, secure and filled with great results that you will appreciate and enjoy.

Their approach is different when compared to other similar platforms because it makes everything sound a lot simpler and refined. It really helps you boost your approach as a business because as a newcomer you do find yourself competing with a multitude of companies all over the world and you have to work as hard as possible to increase your reach.

Is this a good platform? While it’s a newcomer when compared to YouTube for example, there’s no denying that a platform like Qumu has an amazing potential that is up to you to uncover. All you have to do is to think about who is the target audience and then engage in using this helpful platform. I think Qumu has a lot to offer and the experience here is definitely a great one.

qumu integrations

Qumu has acquired Kulu Valley in 2014 and has integrated their core technologies and key staff into their organization. Qumu themselves have been acquired by Rimage.

As long as it will grow, it can really pose a major threat to other platforms like this, but the focus on business users is surely its massive advantage. If it will be able to grow as large as YouTube does remain to be seen, but one thing is certain, Qumu does help up a lot of value and promise, hopefully it can also deliver on that!

YouTube: Qumu Video Control Center 7 Product Tour

Photo credit: Andy Atzert

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