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An accessible range of servers with great performance and impressive design

protonet-large-eps-based-logo-high-resolution-4c-mayaServers have always been important on a network because they are those things that hold the network infrastructure together and they allow each person connected to it to access data fast and efficiently. Servers also keep the most important information in a company, so they also need to have a high range of security as that is crucial.

Founders Ali Jelveh & Christopher Blum

Protonet is a new server hardware that has been released recently. What makes this server special is its impressive looks, design, and the high performance included in it. The device also comes with a very unique software that provides you with an easy way to manage it.

The main focus of the Protonet server is sustainability and durability. The device has a recyclable packaging and it stays away from substances that might hurt the environment. There are 3 server products created by Protonet, and those are Carla, Carlita, Maya. All of these offer you a great productivity method that includes cutting edge technologies. The devices vary on price depending on the configuration you need at your workplace, but it’s safe to say that they include a good processor (from Celeron to Xeon), a large storage capacity that is at least 1 TB, more than 8 GB of RAM and RAID capabilities.

All of these are combined with a professional, fast software that comes with unlimited updates and numerous other features, which make it suitable for large team.

Big girl ‘Carla’

The Carla and Carlita models offer premium support, which is a nice touch. Protonet brings a very professional, state of the art platform that makes it easy for its users to communicate with one another. It’s very simple to connect with the other people in your team by using Protonet since it provides a reliable, solid platform to work with.

Additionally, Protonet comes with some large benefits like fast feedback loops, project based working and so on. Thanks to its wide range of capabilities it even comes with complete support for big file sharing, which we found it to be of great help in a company. Instead of using cloud based storage or USB sticks, team members can now share huge amounts of data at high speeds with others. This has a large, yet benefic impact on the productivity of a business.

Little girl ‘Maya’

Thanks to its cloud services, Protonet even adds a whole new layer of security to the matter, as the developers know that privacy is really important for any person nowadays, especially when sharing important or private information. Thankfully, with Protonet the data that goes through it is perfectly safe and that is more than important.

By combining a solid design with utmost performance and a great operating system, Protonet brings you the best personal server to date that can increase your productivity and help your team with its workflow. Protonet is a solid sever that looks and works great, so it’s worth taking a look at.

Protonet has been successfully crowd-funded and we expect to hear more great things from them in the near future. Keep it up, Protonet!

YouTube: ‘This is Protonet!’

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