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Preorder Madness Means No Black iPhones for Months

7-September, San Francisco – Apple introduced their new phone opened up the preorders for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, with the usual chaos.
Anyone hoping to pick up a new black edition of the Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will be disappointed right now, as pre-orders instantly knocked delivery back weeks, and then months, as the collectors raced in to buy.

That’s even with the power of Apple’s ninja supply chain and production power behind a massive effort to supply millions of phones this fall to both Apple die hards and those steering away from the burning Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Show me the color of money

apple-iphone7It is possible that Apple can adjust the production runs to produce more of the black models, but with its demanding creation process, as highlighted in Jony Ive’s launch and design video expect supplies to remain tight into 2017. However, the key message here is that a new color will always be hugely popular, so also expect Apple to investigate a few more shades for its next product launch.

A steely sapphire blue edition was rumored for this generation, but never made to production. Perhaps that will appear when we get around to the 10th anniversary iPhones next year, when Apple is likely to produce some very limited editions to celebrate a decade of iPhone. We wonder if it will also produce a model in the design of the original iPhone to make a real collector’s piece.

Patience for Apple fans

For now, don’t expect to pop onto Apple’s site and grab a phone for launch day. Most models such as the 128GB gold iPhone 7 Plus are now slated as delivery in two or three weeks after next week’s official launch date, with the 256GB models also into November deliver slots, and probably longer when you read this.

Of course, phone retail outlets will have some supplies, but expect there to be a scrimmage to get hold of them.

Photo credit: Matt Buchanan / Apple

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