PowerCube: Solar Power Station in a Shipping Container


Today we live in a world of great innovation, but in a world of great pollution hazard as well. This hazard is mostly generated by the lack of care in the use of fossil fuel and other abuses of our beautiful green planet. Furthermore, another crisis is at hand, fossil fuel supplies are at their end, and there is nothing that can bring them back, which means than hundred years from now, the energetic situation on earth as we know it will be completely obsolete.

There are several things we need to do in order not to wait for this to happen and catches us unprepared. The most important thing on this list is to find, clean, available and renewable energy source to replace it. When it comes to fulfilling all these practical, economic, and eco-friendly criteria, solar energy is second to none. With this in mind, for decades now, some of the most brilliant minds of today are constantly looking for ways to improve this energetic solution. The product of their hard work and the ultimate tool in our struggle to save the Earth by Ecosphere Technologies is called simply PowerCube.

Highly Mobile Solar Power Generator

The greatest flaw of a traditional solar generated power was the fact that these solar fields often take up a lot of space. They are hard to set up and once set, they are completely immobile. The very notion of PowerCube negates all of these flaws at the very beginning. This portable solar power generator is fitted inside of a single shipping container, and as such easily transferable and easily distributable.


This choice of a shipping container as a vessel for this solar power station was not accidental at all. In a recent interview with people behind Royal Wolf, one of the world’s most renowned suppliers of shipping containers, we learned that they were not surprised at all once they learned of PowerCube. As they say these containers are just perfect because of their many storage options. These containers were also built to withstand even the harshest of conditions, as well as to be completely fire and flood-proof, therefore they offer a perfect protection to all the equipment and panels stored inside.

Mobility Is the Key

Regardless of how large and widespread is the traditional solar field, it can never cover as much ground as PowerCube can. Because of its mobility, unprecedented in this entire field of industry, PowerCube, offers completely new approach to this entire situation and it is able to supply with clean and renewable energy even some of the most remote areas of the globe.

Another great thing is the fact that in case that weather or some other conditions dictate it, this entire power station can be safely tucked in. Because of all the aforementioned protective properties that these shipping containers offer once they’re in, you no longer need to worry about them.


Power Potential

While it is true that its mobility and adaptability put these power stations far ahead of their traditional predecessors, these PowerCubes are not left behind even in their power producing potential. Once they are fully prepared and deployed, these cubes can start producing energy immediately at up to 15kW.

The time in which we could simply take and consume any resource we needed with little or no regard for the future consequences is long since gone and the mark that it left on our society is now visible more than ever. In order to secure a better destiny for our children, we need to start thinking outside of the box, and sometimes this means entrusting our future to one.

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Ariel Bellamy is a curious and open-minded thinker – finding solutions where needed and writing them when needed. She hopes to be an inspiring online voice one day, so follow her on the way there – on @BellamyAriel.

 Photo credit: Ecosphere Technologies

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