Portable Cybersecurity for Public Wi-Fi Networks with Keezel


In this digital age, almost everyone uses the Internet. Most people tend to use public Wi-Fi networks offered by coffee shops, hotels, and other public establishments to connect their devices. When you say public Wi-Fi networks, it means everyone and anyone can access, which further means this could also be a way for some hackers to access your personal information just by using the public Wi-Fi networks. So how could you protect your personal data against hackers?

A company called Keezel (also stylized as keezel) created a portable device that you can bring along to help you protect your device when using the public Wi-Fi networks.

Keezel Portable Cybersecurity Product Review Solution Startup New Device Security Gadget Smartphones Notebooks Laptops Public Wifi Cafe Side Hand Connection VPNWhat is the Keezel device about?

It is a portable encryption device designed to secure your Internet connection when using a public Wi-Fi network. It protects your personal details such as your identity, credit cards, and even your passwords from being acquired by hackers.

Features of this device:

  • Prevent others from knowing what you do online
  • Unblocks Facebook & other websites all over the world
  • Secures all devices with just one Keezel, no installation needed
  • Take advantage of more than 1250 VPN servers in 160+ countries
  • Protect yourself and your data from being hacked
  • Charge your devices wherever you go

How does it work?

Using the device is simple; you just have to press the button below the device, turn on your Wi-Fi option on the mobile device that you want to connect such as your mobile phone or laptop. Once you are connected to Keezel, your mobile device will be able to find the secure hotspot it created; it will appear as keezel followed by a random string of numbers (e.g., Keezel123).

After this, you need to connect your Keezel to the internet by typing on your browser keezel/ in the address bar and hit Enter. Once you’ve done this, the Keezel page will prompt you to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Choose your preferred network and then connect. It’s that simple.

Keezel Portable Cybersecurity Product Review Solution Startup New Device Security Gadget Smartphones Notebooks Laptops Public Wifi Hotel Side Hand Connection VPN

Now you can enjoy browsing, streaming, and gaming with more security. You can be sure that your devices are protected from hackers, and your data is secured from being acquired online. It might not be impossible to hack, but it’s a lot better than nothing. You can also switch to another available VPN connection that better suits your needs.

You can purchase Keezel through their website or on Amazon for currently $229.99 with a basic service subscription that protects up to 5 devices. There are other Keezel services that you can choose from as well.

If you’re looking for different kinds of cybersecurity solutions, you should also check out the companies listed here: 20 Cybersecurity Companies You Should Compare before You Buy.

YouTube: Keezel – Online Freedom for all your Devices Everywhere

Photo credit: All images have been provided by Keezel for press usage.
Source: Keezel website / promotional video

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