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Learn to Build Your Own Computer with This PC Building Simulator

It came as a big surprise to me that you can actually build your own computer. You just have to pick out the basic things you need like your motherboard, your GPU, etc., and your own personalized specifics like a caption card. They all sound gibberish, don’t they? But don’t worry, this is exactly why you need to learn about this kind of stuff.

A lot of people who already do this say it isn’t all that hard. Everyone, including myself, without proper knowledge of what goes inside a PC, would think that it is very complicated, but experts described it as “putting together lego pieces”. After trying out the demo for the PC Building Simulator, I agree completely.

Build your own PC in this sim

It features an easy-to-follow tutorial and realistic set-ups. You actually have to put on stand-offs, open the hinges, and do the cabling. The game is actually more accurate than what you would expect it to be.

It is one of the top indie games in development as of now and has been getting praise from the public ever since. Even one of the most famous YouTubers jacksepticeye is playing it. Check out his video below. You can download the demo from itch.io here. The game was made by McINTYRE and is featured on itch.io as well as Indie DB. You can follow his blog for more updates about the game.

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What you’re seeing is only a very early version of the game, there are only a number of things you can put inside your PC. But imagine the endless possibilities the game could achieve in due time. If you’re more into flying sims you can also check out the new Microsoft Flight Simulator which has resurfaced recently after a long absence from the gaming scene.

I think everyone who is working with computers almost every hour of their life should check out the game and learn one or two tricks from it. You just need to know where everything goes and you’re set to build your own PC. It has been very educational for me and helped me to have a better appreciation for technology. Kudos to the developer!

YouTube: BUILD YOUR OWN PC | PC Building Simulator

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