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Open Beta for Streamlabs OBS on Mac Goes Live

Live streamers make use of different services to optimize their videos in different streaming channels. One of the more popular ones is Streamlab which has around 21 million users. Famous streamers such as Pokimane, TrueTriz, and STPeach have also been using the streaming app.

However, their service was only available for Windows, until today. A month ago, Streamlabs OBS had a private beta for Mac so people could test it out. Now, the open beta is finally out.


Using the app

The Streamlab app has easy-to-use tools to set up your stream, with a lot of customizable widgets and layouts. So far it is all free. On the other hand, you can pay to get a Prime option to get better features or animated overlays.

The announcement to make the app available shows that they want to reach more people. The General Manager of Streamlabs Ali Moiz also expressed that “Creating tools for the growing community of live streamers, musicians, artists and teachers on Mac enables us to help them succeed while building out our product offerings on an even larger scale.”

There are some major features that Streamlab offers. These include Custom Donation sales, optimized encoders to reduce the CPU usage, integrated chat window, selective recording, merch store, and more tools that any live streamer can use to boost his viewership.

Streamlabs OBS has support on a lot of, if not all, of the major streaming sites like Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and Mixer. You can even stream at the same on all of them with websites like ReStream.

With this kind of development, Mac users are more than happy to have the Streamlab app available for them. They are now expanding the creator economy with a possibility of a lot more users joining.

YouTube: Streamlabs is LIVE on Mac | Stream settings and start up guide

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