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New OLED Technology Used to Build Transparent Airplanes

I’ve noticed that when it comes to riding in an airplane, some people are “window seat” travelers, and some people are “aisle seat” travelers. I prefer the aisle seat. There is something about sitting next to the window that makes my stomach turn. For those of you who like the window seat, things may be getting a lot more fun. New OLED technology combined with flexible flatscreens will give us transparent airplanes to experience.

If future airplane design looks like the pictures below, it truly will transform into the ultimate ride of our lives. Ohhhh, someone please pass me the barf bag. Nah, jokes aside, I think this would be an excellent adventure. Well, assuming we wouldn’t have this view if the plane was going down, but let’s not go there.

This OLED technology infused airplane design is called the Windowless Fuselage, and it actually serves a more important purpose than just providing a breathtaking view. It will also save a lot of fuel and reduce emissions. Using OLED technology would make airplanes much lighter since they wouldn’t have to carry as much fuel. And almost as a side effect (and to make the ride more enjoyable), flexible flatscreens would adorn the entire interior.

By continuing to develop this OLED technology, CPI (Centre for Process Innovation) will hopefully be able to transform the aerospace industry. The reduction in weight means less emissions, which means a better atmosphere and less operational costs.

On the surface, this seems like an overwhelmingly huge agenda that would almost be unrealistic. However, if you click over to the CPI website, you can read all the nitty-gritty, geeky details and their well put-together plan to achieve this.

As one commenter on their site points out, eventually those flatscreens would probably be used for ads. Unfortunately, I have to agree with that. It seems like it would be such a tempting space for advertisers.

The more I look at these pictures and imagine the possibilities, the more excited I get about this concept. Don’t expect this to become a reality any time soon though. It will be at least five more years before the technology develops enough so that these screens will be hi-res like in these pictures.




Source: core77

YouTube: Aerospace Windowless Aircraft – The Future Inspired (by Centre for Process Innovation)

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