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Newsle Joins LinkedIn

Social media has become a global phenomenon to such an extent that most people in the world with internet access tend to have an account on such website. However, while sites such as Facebook or Twitter are created for any type of users, there are some social networks like LinkedIn for example that are suitable only for professional, allowing them to showcase their experience/knowledge in their field of work.

LinkedIn-InBug-2CRev-Logo-Newsle-acquisition-large-png-press-kit-high-resolutionAnother website similar to LinkedIn in some fashion is Newsle. This particular site makes it easier for people to find out when information about them or your friends is written on the web. Newsle can be used in lots of different ways, and it does bring a large number of functionalities to the table. A few days ago however, LinkedIn has announced the acquisition of the Newsle product with the LinkedIn family, which enables professionals to find the information they find a lot easier, while also being able to connect with others without a problem.

The main goal of both companies is to ensure that you and your company are getting better and better at what you do. While LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with other people in your field of work or develop new connections that can help you advance in your career or take your business to new heights, Newsle helps you keep an eye on the media in order to find out when and where your name or the name of your company gets used.

From what we were able to see, it seems that Newsle will still remain a separate service, but we can’t stay and wonder how a fusion between the two services would look like. I really think that this would benefit LinkedIn a lot.

A combination of these two services would actually make sense, because they certainly complement each other quite a lot. Not only should that, but being able to connect with others and find out news about your company should be integrated into a single service instead of dividing it into multiple ones. We are all accustomed with whole in one solutions, and we don’t want to waste time, so being able to access multiple features into a single app totally makes sense.

In addition to that, I think Newsle’s machine learning algorithms and natural language processing algorithm will make LinkedIn an even better service, since it will allow you to find out better connections in the business world that really relate to you, your company and your expertise.

To sum up, it remains to be seen how LinkedIn will integrate Newsle into its platform or if it will keep it as a separate service. We can’t do anything except waiting to see how the whole thing will pan out in the end, but we look forward to that.

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