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New State of Matter Could Help Quantum Computing Become Reality

Igor Zutic of University of Buffalo, Alex Mato-Abiague of Wayne State University, and Javad Shabani of New York University have researched and discovered a new state of matter that could bring the testing for quantum computers further. This means that it could enhance the storage and memory for quantum devices. It also marks a step further for public access to quantum technology.

Difficulties with Quantum Research

The new state of matter called topological superconductivity is a strong candidate for hosting quantum calculations and research while also improving the performance of quantum technology. However, the particles used in quantum computing research lack a natural “host material” where they can be tested without risking large calculation errors.

The newly discovered state of topological superconductivity may be able to host the particles in a way that would lead to error-free results. If scientists can effectively use this new matter state, then quantum computers will be that much closer to becoming available to the public.

Bringing Quantum Technology Closer to the Present

Research into quantum computers and the creation of a quantum internet isn’t completely new, but it wasn’t until recently that great strides have been made. Quantum technology has since turned from a hypothesis into a tangible goal for those working on quantum computing.

Quantum computers can be so much more with the ability to calculate at an incredibly faster speed. Security of sending information between machines or over the internet would also be almost 100% secure. If this technology becomes available to the public, then everything from ordering to gaming online could benefit from a great boost in speed and security.

YouTube: The Quantum Internet | Stephanie Wehner | TEDxVienna

Photo credits: The feature image has been done by Danial RiCaRoS.
Source: NYU Press Release

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