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Name That Company: How to Come up with a Great Name for Your Business

If you consider all the other stuff you’ve been reading since the moment you’ve decided you want to start your own business, coming up with the name might seem like a trivial matter. But it is far from being so. The name can make or break your company and it presents the thin line between success and failure. It is because that is the way you are representing the company to your customers or potential customers. So don’t take this process lightly. A good name should be a balance between catchy, creative, transparency and being brandable. As many startup companies don’t have enough funds to pay for the professionals to come up that kind of name, they’re left on their own in this important process. Don’t worry, though, we’ll try not to let you down and give you some quality advices.

Be Aware of Your Potential Clients

In most of the cases, you can’t sell your products to everyone, there is some group of potential clients characteristic for some preferences. For instance, if you are targeting for younger audience, your name can be a little more risky and playful, while for the older and serious audience, a fully transparent name would earn their trust. For some potential customers it is important not to play to much with grammar, so if you are aiming to sell your products to those people, so forget about the “genius” idea of dropping a vowel here and there (Tumblr, Grindr, Scribd, etc).

Make Sure the Name Is Available

Though this sounds as an obvious step, many people don’t do that because they are sure that there is no company with the same name. However, it is possible there is some smaller company you haven’t heard about with the very same name you intended to give to your business. It is important for your company name and your domain name should be the same. So be sure to check the availability of the name well. After you’ve done that, all the rest is very easy. You can give your domain a personal touch with a website such as http://domain.me, designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

Unique and Unforgettable

The name of your business should cause people to remember you as soon as they hear it. In other words, it should be “sticky”. But coming up with this kind of name might be quite, well, sticky. Trends of naming are changing every year, and there is a chance that if you completely obey to them, next year, your name will be boring and dated. But that is no reason to give up. Come up with a few suggestions and then run a poll with your friends, acquaintances, etc.

Easy and Simple

Nonsense phrases and made up words, are not as catchy as you might think. Your company’s name should be ease to pronounce and easy to remember. Unlike the “crazy” name-giving we had in couple of years ago, straightforward and simple are back in fashion. The right name should be short and without any special characters and hyphens.

We’ll leave you to your brainstorming now, and hopefully, you’ll find a killer business name . Approach to this issue seriously because it will provide your company with the identity, investors and clients will trust, or not.

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