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Muskthrust Introduces One as a Personal Aerial Vehicle

The idea of personal aircraft is no stranger to us anymore. We’ve seen those a bunch of times in movies and other sci-fi shows. But it makes one wonder when we’re gonna see one in real life.

Well, wait no more as Muskthrust comes up with ONE, the company’s first prototype of the personal aerial vehicle (PAV). This is just another proof of the ever so growing evolution in transportation technology.

Taking flight with the ONE

Although Muskthrust is not the first company to come up with such an idea, they boast of the ONE’s purpose and design. The company uses 3D printing and AI technology to produce future vehicles with the same machine making its manufacturing process cost-efficient.

Taking note of the company’s goal “to take to the sky” and to “strive for greatness”, let us take a moment on how they apply that into the ONE’s design. The sleek and futuristic style makes its aesthetic presence soaring to the next level. Its frame is lightweight and comes with different material options like organic fiber, recycled plastic, and high-quality carbon fiber skin despite its strong features and structure.

Individuals such as Elon Musk have expressed their disapproval of flying cars in the future with the fear of vehicular hazards possibly falling from the sky. However, the ONE’s current design doesn’t seem like the type to drop a rogue hubcap on an innocent bystander.

This aerial vehicle is meant for just one person and their luggage. It is battery operated and can travel 250 km with just 20 minutes of charging and 450 km with a full charge. Its speed of 300 km/h ensures that you get to your destination on time.


Revolutionizing development

Muskthrust is a Germany-based company formed just about a year ago with three people aiming for a better world through improvements in one’s self, the environment, and technology. Aside from pushing the boundaries in technology, they’re also focused on actively participating in preserving the beauty of our nature and our environment. That is why most of the materials they are using are recycled and renewable raw materials. This creates a good working harmony between nature and technology.

Now comprised of a diverse team, the company aims to widen its market and to reach America and Asia. If all goes according to their plan, the ONE aircraft will be available for delivery towards the end of 2023.

Photo credit: The images used are owned by Muskthrust and were provided for press usage.
Source: ScienceAlert

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